10 Black Chicken Breeds

Black chickens can be extraordinary birds for any chicken raiser seeking to expand their flock. While white, red, and gray chickens are common in many backyards today, black chickens are worth considering when expanding your flock.

black chicken breeds

Black chicken breeds are among the most stunning breeds to raise, and they can add aesthetic value to your flock and backyard. These are the ten most popular black chicken breeds to include in your backyard flock.

Ayam Cemani Chicken

Ayam Cemani chickens are rare and unique black chickens that originate from Indonesia. They are fantastic meat birds, although some people keep them for eggs. However, Ayam Cemani chickens are poor layers since hens can lay approximately 80 eggs annually.

It’s pretty fascinating that these birds have black hearts. Ayam Cemani chickens are some of the most melanistic birds on the globe. They have entirely black combs, skins, and feathers. Ayam Cemani chickens also have black bones and black internal organs. Ayam Cemani roosters weigh between 4.5 and 6.5 lb., while females weigh between 3.5 and 4.5 lb.

Ayam Cemani chickens have a gentle and friendly temperament, although they are active and alert. These chickens are prolific foragers and like having a lot of space. They are nervous and thus can’t make dependable lap chickens.

These long-legged chickens can live around 6 to 8 years, although some can live longer under good conditions.

Black Australorp Chicken

Black Australorp chickens are gorgeous giant chickens. These adorable and docile birds have large and heavy soft feathers. Black Australorp chickens have close-fitting black feathers and upright stances. These chickens have well-rounded breasts and deep feathers.

Both hens and cockerels have compact tails which they hold high. Black Australorp chickens are massive birds, weighing around nine pounds for roosters and seven pounds for hens. They produce vast quantities of meat and are ready for consumption when they are between 12 to 16 weeks old. Black Australorp hens lay around 260 light-brown eggs annually.

Black Australorp chickens are docile and good-natured birds that bond well with their owners. These chickens are excellent for families with kids because they are easy to tame, and so they make fabulous pets.

Because Black Australorp chickens are pretty hardy, they can live between six and ten years, which is relatively longer than the average chicken’s lifespan.

Black Jersey Giant Chicken

Black Jersey Giant chickens are the most popular Jersey Giant variety. They have stunning black feathers and breathtaking iridescent green sheens, which appear gorgeous when they glimmer. These chickens have medium to long bodies that are deep and wide, making them seem like square birds.

They have flat backs and relatively shorter tails than other Jersey Giants. Like other Jersey Giant chickens, Black Jersey Giant chickens weigh between 13 and 15 pounds for roosters and approximately 11 pounds for females. Males are between 22 and 26 inches tall, while females stand between 16 and 20 inches tall.

Black Jersey Giant hens lay between 140 and 200 hundred eggs yearly. While Black Jersey Giant chickens are decent layers, they are terrific meat producers. Black Jersey Giant chickens are mellow, friendly, and docile chickens. They live between six and eight years.

Black Orpington Chicken

Black Orpington chickens have gorgeous black plumage. They have black beaks and bright eyes. Although these chickens have small heads, they have massive bodies and dense black feathers. They weigh approximately eight lb. for hens and ten lb. for roosters.

They are bantam Black Orpington chickens that weigh around 3lb. Black Orpington hens lay between 200 and 280 large, light-brown eggs annually. Although these chickens are excellent layers, they are impressive meat producers, and that’s why most backyard flock keepers keep these birds specifically for meat.

These chickens have a calm, friendly, and mellow disposition. They can live for about seven years, although some Black Orpington chickens can live for almost a decade.

Black Silkie Chicken

The Black Silkie chicken breed has a fluffy black plumage consistent throughout its sheens to its feathers. Black Silkie chickens have black eyes, turquoise ear lobes, and slate blue eyes. These medium-sized black chickens weigh around three lb. for females and four lb. for males. Black Silkie hens lay about 120 eggs yearly.

Their eggs are relatively smaller than the standard chicken eggs. Eggs from these black chickens can either be cream, tinted or white. While Black Silkie chickens aren’t the best meat producers, they have dark and savory meat.

Black Silkie chickens are docile and calm and tend to tolerate confinement. These chickens are resilient and hardy; most can live for approximately nine years.

Kadaknath Chicken

Kadaknath chickens originate from India and are some of the most popular black chickens in India. Kadaknath chickens are completely black birds. They have black plumage with greenish iridescence. Their beaks, wattles, combs, legs, and tongues are all black.

Apart from their meat, these chickens have black organs. Kadaknath chickens are small-sized black chickens weighing around 1500 grams for males and 1200 grams for females. Kadaknath chickens are poor layers since hens produce a maximum of 80 eggs yearly. Hens lay brown eggs with slightly pink tints.

Furthermore, hens are poor setters, and they rarely hatch their brood. Kadaknath chickens are suitable for meat, irrespective of their small size. These chickens produce the sweetest meat of all black chicken breeds.

Kadaknath chickens are calm chickens that don’t bully other breeds. These chickens have the most extended lifespan compared to other species because they can live for around 12 years.

Black Maran Chicken

The Black Marans chicken breed is a vast and attractive breed that is increasingly gaining popularity. Black Marans have black feathers and plumage. They have bright red upright combs, slate-black legs, and red wattles. These chickens are hardy and thrive in all types of environments.

Black Marans are relatively large birds, with roosters weighing approximately 8lb and hens weighing about 6.5 lb. Black Marans are moderate egg producers that lay between 150 and 200 eggs annually. They produce more high-quality eggs than most chicken breeds.

Black Marans are exemplary meat producers because they are relatively large, heavy, healthy birds. Their robust bodies ensure the birds can produce large chunks of quality meat.

Black Marans have a gentle and quiet temperament, although Black Maran roosters can confront other chickens, especially roosters. Black Marans can live for around seven years.

Croad Langshan Chicken

Croad Langshan chickens are ancient, compact, and soft-feathered black chickens from China. Croad Langshan chickens have profound and large bodies with long breasts. These chickens are less fluffy, and they have compacted black feathers. Nonetheless, Croad Langshan chickens have feathered legs. Their black legs match their black plumage.

Croad Langshan chickens are heavy and compact chickens, weighing 9.5 lb. for males and 7.5 lb. for females. Croad Langshan hens lay between 140 and 150 dark brown eggs. Although Croad Langshan hens aren’t excellent layers compared to other egg dynamos, these hens are superb winter layers.

Croad Langshan chickens do well in meat production because of their large, compact, deep bodies. These chickens are docile and calm. They are also easily tamable. Croad Langshan chickens are hardy, and these birds can live for a decade.

Black Polish Chicken

Black Polish chickens are cute crested black chickens. They have black feathers and plumage. These chickens stand out thanks to their white crests. Black Polish chickens are medium-sized fowl, weighing around six lb. for males and four lb. for females.

Although these chickens don’t have the best egg-laying ability, hens from this black breed can lay around 200 medium to large-sized eggs. Hens are rarely broody, and they are also not excellent sitters. Black Polish chickens are decent producers of lean, sweet, and flavorful meat.

These chickens have a gentle and calm temperament. Since hens are rarely broody, they are good year-round layers. Black Polish chickens live for around eight years.

Black Cochin Chicken

The Black Cochin chicken is a beautiful all-coal-black breed. A unique feature of Black Cochin chickens is their black plumage that covers their legs and feet. These chickens originate from China and have been famous black chickens since the 1840s. These chickens have yellow skins.

Black Cochin chickens are massive birds, with Black Cochin roosters weighing approximately eleven pounds, while hens weigh around 8.5 pounds. Also, Black Cochin chickens have reliable egg production.

Black Cochin hens lay between 150 and 180 eggs annually. Hens cease laying after two to three years. Black Cochin chickens are excellent table fowl due to their massive size.

Nonetheless, these chickens are slow to mature, unlike most meat breeds. These chickens have extremely gentle dispositions. Roosters hardly become aggressive or quarrel with other roosters. Black Cochin chickens are easily tamable, making these birds fantastic bird pets for families with small children.

While these chickens are slow to mature, they have a remarkably longer lifespan than most breeds. Black Cochin chickens can live for between eight and ten years.


Black chicken breeds are outstanding fowl to include in your chicken flock. Besides their stunning looks, black chicken breeds are fantastic for eggs or meat. Most black chicken breeds are friendly and calm.

Whether you want more eggs on your counter or tasty meat on your plate, you will ultimately get a black chicken breed that matches your needs.

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