Can Chickens Live Alone?

Most poultry experts recommend keeping several chickens rather than raising a single chicken. After all, chickens are incredibly social animals that thrive in small and large flocks.

Chickens can live alone, although they will be susceptible to boredom because these birds are social and love interacting with each other. Keep your lone chicken in your house so the bird can interact with your family because it won’t have other birds around to give it companionship.

Can You Keep Just One Chicken?

It is OK to keep a single chicken since being alone will certainly not harm the bird. However, chickens prefer living in groups consisting of at least three chickens. Because chickens crave companionship like humans, keeping just one chicken will make them suffer from loneliness and depression.

You can keep a single chicken as a pet rather than keeping the bird for eggs or meat. Owning a pet chicken entails living with the bird in your house and interacting with it frequently.

Also, find something interesting to keep the chicken busy. Toys, for instance, can help entertain your bird and stop it from becoming lonely.

Do Chickens Get Lonely?

Yes, chickens do get lonely. These birds naturally enjoy each other’s company, so they flock together for comfort and companionship. Your lone chicken is susceptible to loneliness because it doesn’t have companionship while living alone.

Sings of Loneliness in Chickens

These are signs of loneliness in chickens.

– Feather Plucking

Feather plucking is the most apparent sign of a lonely chicken. When raising a single chicken, the bird can feel lonely, prompting it to pluck feathers. Lonely chickens usually have destructive behaviors, such as feather plucking. Your lonely chicken will continue plucking its feathers until it loses a substantial amount of feathers.

– Loss of Appetite

Healthy and happy chickens will spend plenty of time eating. Happy free-range chickens usually enjoy foraging for grubs and worms outdoors. However, if your chicken suddenly stops eating, you should establish the cause of this weird behavior.

Sudden loss of appetite is among the signs of loneliness in chickens. This behavior isn’t good for your bird, so you should keep the chicken happy to help it regain its appetite.

– Being Inactive

Chickens are pretty active, whether living in large flocks or alone. Your chickens will walk all over your yard, scratching the ground and picking multiple food items. Chickens also like walking in the coop because they can’t remain in one spot for hours.

However, lonely chickens aren’t active. Such lonely birds are dormant, and they barely move around. If your chicken is inactive or remains in one place for a long time, it’s possibly because the bird is sick or lonely.

– Aggression

Aggression is also an unpleasant sign of a lonely chicken. Most lonely chickens are aggressive toward their owners and other birds. Aggression means your lonely chickens are trying to do something to beat loneliness.

Your lone chicken can show signs of aggression as it tries to overcome the loneliness and depression resulting from solitude.

What to do When You Only Have 1 Chicken Left?

Having a single chicken to raise can be problematic, especially if it has been enjoying the company of its estranged flock members for a long time. However, just because the lone bird no longer enjoys the companionship of its mates doesn’t mean the bird won’t survive.

First, you should make the chicken happy to ensure it does suffer from depression and loneliness. Provide the bird with toys to keep it happy. Please give it some happy treats and continue interacting with it frequently.

You can also keep the bird as a pet because it will have a chance to enjoy the company of your family. Alternatively, you can get another chicken or two to give the lone bird some quality company.

Will One Chicken Still Lay Eggs?

A single chicken will lay eggs provided it’s healthy. Hens can lay eggs, irrespective of whether there is a rooster around. Your lone hen will lay as usual, although the eggs will be infertile. Single hens will continue laying for the rest of their productive years, although their eggs will never hatch into chicks because they are sterile.

Keeping One Chicken as Pet

Some chicken breeds are friendly, and so they make fantastic pets. It is easy to keep a single chicken as a pet, regardless of whether it’s social or aggressive. Here are some simple ways to help you keep a single chicken as a pet.

  • Make your chicken comfortable around you-Your single chicken will easily transition into a great pet if it feels comfortable around you and other family members. You can make the chicken comfortable around you and your family if you handle it more frequently and keep it happy.
  • Keep the bird in your house– You need to adopt the bird into your family if you want it to make a great pet. Bringing the chicken into your home can have several advantages. For instance, it will allow you time to interact with the pet. Furthermore, living in the same house with your chicken will help you develop a strong bond.
  • Ensure the chicken is ever happy-Happy chickens make fantastic birds. Your chicken won’t be a lovely pet if it is unhappy, lonely, or depressed. Luckily, making your pet chicken happy is easy. First, give the chicken protection and provide it with toys to stimulate and keep it busy. Moreover, you can keep the chicken happy by providing it with specialized care, which entails giving it hours of company and delicious treats. Also, discover what makes the chicken happy. For instance, some pet chickens enjoy cuddling, while others enjoy handling. Others enjoy living together with their owners under the same roof.


Chickens are amazing, social birds. They love interacting with one another and their owners, so they don’t prefer solitude. However, a chicken can live alone when there aren’t other chickens around. Lone chickens, though, deserve specialized care and are suitable pets.

Your chicken won’t die because of being alone, but being alone will subject the bird to loneliness and depression. Therefore, consider keeping your lone chicken as a bird pet and give it attentive care lest it suffers stress, depression, and loneliness over time.

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