Can Chickens Drink Soda? 5 Things to Consider

Soda isn’t good for chickens. Soda can give your chickens gas and also increase the possibility of becoming obese. The ingredients in Soda can also damage the liver and the kidneys of your chickens. Refrain from giving your chickens soda since it will affect their health over time. Carbon dioxide in soda, for instance, can cause damage to your chickens’ respiratory systems.

Is Coke and Pepsi Bad for Chickens?

Coke and Pepsi are bad for chickens. These two soft drinks have ingredients that can potentially affect your birds.  The acids in these two drinks, such as citric and phosphoric acids, can cause damage to your chickens’ organs.

Pepsi and Coke also have a high amount of sugar that can make your chickens overweight and susceptible to insulin resistance. Obesity will ultimately affect your chickens’ liver health since the fat in their bodies will accumulate in their livers, making the livers fragile and highly prone to bursting.

The sugar in Pepsi and coke also leads to the accumulation of fat in your chickens’ bellies.  Pepsi and coke can be especially unsuitable for hens since these two soft drinks can lower egg production in the long run. Providing your chickens with these two drinks increases their risk of developing severe health problems that affect their wellbeing.

What Happens if Chickens Drink Carbonated Water?

Studies show that drinking carbonated water can help hens increase their egg production. Older laying hens can also benefit from drinking carbonated water since carbonated water prolongs their egg-laying cycle. Nevertheless, carbonated water can affect your chickens’ bone health.

Your chickens won’t die after drinking carbonated water. Their health will appear normal, although it will start deteriorating with time. Chicken owners, therefore, should desist from supplying their chickens with carbonated water. You can, however, give your chickens carbonated water at some point since this water helps improve their digestion system.

Prolonged consumption of carbonated water can make chickens susceptible to bloating and belching. Some chickens, especially broilers, need time for their stomachs to adjust to the carbon dioxide present in carbonated water.

What Liquids Can Chickens Drink?

Chickens can drink a variety of liquids, provided the liquids don’t harm their health. Here are among the best liquids to give your chickens.

– Milk

Chickens love milk alongside other types of milk products. Milk is essential for chickens since it provides them with the calcium and protein required to maintain good health. On top of that, milk can also strengthens the bones in your chickens, making your birds less vulnerable to bone disease.

Milk can help eliminate the acidity in your birds’ stomach. You can introduce milk to your chickens in various forms. For instance, chicken owners can infuse the milk with other foods they give to their chickens.

Moreover, you can introduce milk to your birds in its natural form. Chickens will also take milk even if you don’t mix it with their daily foods.

– Freshwater

Chickens need a constant supply of freshwater. Freshwater helps improve your chickens’ metabolism. Furthermore, freshwater is vital for regulating your birds’ body temperature and helping them digest their foods.

Most importantly, freshwater makes it easy for chickens to eliminate body wastes. Supply your chicken with twice the amount of freshwater as food.

– Homemade Electrolytes

Electrolytes are suitable for chickens of all ages and sizes. Electrolytes are especially useful in increasing chickens’ water intake. Furthermore, electrolytes can help maintain your birds’ temperature.

A moderate temperature is crucial for improving their digestion systems.  A homemade electrolyte can help your chickens rehydrate since it provides the minerals that chickens require for their organs and cells to function healthily.

A homemade electrolyte can be particularly beneficial to chicks. It can help your chicks overcome heat exhaustion and further enable them to overcome the stress that comes with predator attacks. Weak chicks can benefit a lot from a homemade electrolyte since it provides their bodies with sufficient energy to overcome their weakness.

You can make a homemade electrolyte for your chickens by mixing graduated sugar, sea salt, and baking soda. Add a teaspoon of potassium chloride to make the electrolyte more effective for your chickens. Stir the ingredient thoroughly before giving the electrolyte to your chickens.

– Chocolate milk

Chocolate milk is healthy for chickens, particularly chickens that can’t get essential nutrients from their daily diets. The moderate amount of caffeine in chicken milk isn’t toxic to your chickens.

Chocolate milk is suitable for chickens with injuries since the protein present in the chocolate milk aids in muscle repair. Furthermore, chocolate milk is an excellent source of carbohydrates for free-range birds that use plenty of energy while foraging for food. Most importantly, chocolate milk is essential for enhancing water hydration among your chickens.

Can Chickens Burp?

Chickens can burp like human beings. You can hear your chickens occasionally burping, especially if you give them an excessive amount of food. Burping, however, becomes a severe issue when it is more frequent. Excess burping shows that your chickens could be suffering from gastrointestinal problems.

You can stop burping in your birds by avoiding supplying them with an excess amount of food. Avoid giving your birds carbonated drinks, including Pepsi and soda, since these two drinks will fill your chickens with carbon dioxide gas. Furthermore, provide a constant water supply to your chicken to protect them from developing digestive issues that lead to burping.

Can Chickens Explode if They Drink Soda?

Chickens won’t explode if they drink soda. Nonetheless, soda can suffocate your chickens to death. Soda will fill your chickens’ digestive system with plenty of gas, leading to constant burping.

The chickens will be unable to expel the excess gas that comes from drinking soda. Chicks can quickly die after drinking soda because their digestive systems aren’t strong enough to withstand the extra amount of gas from soda.


Soda isn’t good for chickens because it places them at risk of developing severe health issues. Avoid giving your chickens soda or Pepsi. Instead, give your birds more healthy drinks such as freshwater, chocolate milk, and milk in their raw form. Even a small amount of soda can make your chickens susceptible to multiple health problems.

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