Mystic Onyx Chicken – Breed Profile & Facts

Anyone considering rearing a beginner–friendly chicken breed should consider raising the Mystic Onyx chicken. This breed originates from Silkie chickens and is particularly good for long-term meat production. These chickens also have excellent egg-laying capabilities. They are energetic and active chickens that require plenty of living space, unlike other breeds.

mystic onyx chicken

Mystic Onyx Chicken – Quick Facts

Breed Type Standard
Egg Production 220-250 / year
Egg Color Brown
Egg Size Medium
Weight 5-6 lbs
Temperament Friendly, energetic
Care Level Beginner
Lifespan 7-8 years
Comb Type Single comb
Usage Dual purpose
Hardiness Hardy
Coloration Black feathers, skin, and meat

What is Mystic Onyx Chicken?

The Mystic chicken breed isn’t an actual chicken breed that we usually raise for either eggs or meat production in our backyard or farmlands. Mystic Onyx chickens are a crossbreed of larger meat chicken species and Silkies. The idea behind creating these chickens was to have a reliable and attractive dual-purpose breed.

Chicken breeders have been making this dual-purpose breed from Silkie chickens and other lovely meat breeds to develop these wonderful dual-purpose birds. Breeders in Asia were the first to breed Mystic Onyx chickens, primarily as meat birds.

Mystic Onyx chickens are some of the most reputable meat-producing in Europe. These chickens have also been producing deliciously tasting eggs since their inception.

Mystic Onyx Chicken Characteristics

Although the Onyx chicken is a recent breed, this breed boasts a remarkable appearance. Mystic Onyx chickens have black plumage, which means these birds have dark skins and black featherings. Nonetheless, these chickens aren’t as black as other breeds, such as Svart Hona and Ayam Cemani chickens.

These chickens aren’t real chickens but a hatchery blend of Silkies and other larger meat bird breeders we raise to develop an attractive dual-purpose breed with dark meat and skin. The plumage of Mystic Onyx chickens can vary from one different Mystic Onyx chicken to the other, although most chickens from this breed have a dark plumage.

– Size & Weight

Mystic Onyx chickens are medium–sized to large-sized fowl. On average, male and female Mystic Onyx chickens weigh between five and 6.5 lbs., although males are relatively larger than females.

– Temperament

Mystic Onyx chickens make beginner–friendly chickens for new chicken keepers. Their friendliness makes them suitable chickens for beginners because they don’t interfere with other chickens and pets. These chickens can be appropriate layers to add to your flock.

Mystic Onyx chickens are also heat and cold tolerant. These hardy birds don’t require specialized care and can thrive in any climate. However, like other breeds, Mystic Onyx chickens require great care during harsh environments, especially when they are susceptible to heat waves.

Because these chickens are non-aggressive and friendly, they are wonderful birds for chicken raisers with small kids that run around their homes. While the birds may be friendly toward your children, they don’t make excellent lap chickens because they aren’t pretty docile like other pet chickens.

Furthermore, Mystic Onyx chickens need lots of space to spread their legs. These chickens are also excellent foragers. They need daily exercise because they are energetic and active birds. They aren’t the best birds to raise in confinement because they need to handle confinement better, unlike other friendly and docile breeds.

Overall, Mystic Onyx chickens are a friendly and happy breed that is great to keep in a free-range environment.

– Lifespan

Mystic Onyx chickens have a reasonably decent lifespan and can live for around six to eight years. Some of these chickens can live longer when living in proper living conditions.

However, some of your Mystic Onyx chickens may not live for up to three years if they are vulnerable to hereditary dispositions, poor diet, predation, and diseases. Overall, Mystic Onyx chickens are hardy birds capable of living for several years if they get the proper care.

– Egg Production

The breeders behind Mystic Onyx chickens were creating these chickens as dual-purpose birds. Meaning these chickens are ideal for egg and meat production. These chickens, however, score excellently in egg production.

The average Mystic Onyx hen can produce around 220 eggs yearly. Mystic Onyx hens lay 220 light-brown eggs annually. These hens lay medium sized-eggs, and thus, they are among the best species that lay light-brown eggs.

Mystic Onyx hens start laying when they reach adulthood, around 20 weeks old. Because Mystic Onyx hens are cold-hardy, these chickens can lay eggs in winter. However, egg production in Mystic Onyx hens can decrease significantly during the wintertime.

One of the many things that make Mystic Onyx hens excellent layers is that they rarely go broody. You will require another chicken breed or an incubator to sit on Mystic Onyx hens’ eggs. The primary benefit of keeping these chickens for egg production is that you won’t have to stop because of broodiness.

– Meat Production

Mystic Onyx chickens are primarily dual-purpose chickens. That means you can raise these chickens for either meat or eggs. While these chickens aren’t the most excellent meat producers, they have great-tasting meat. Being medium-sized fowl, Mystic Onyx chickens can produce tasty black meat rich in protein, iron, and other crucial minerals.

Roosters have tremendous meat production capabilities because they make large meat quantities, unlike females. They can produce a large meat quantity that can satisfy a decent number of guests in a hotel. Mystic Onyx chickens are some of the best black chickens to keep for black meat because they have good-tasting-meat, unlike other black chicken breeds.

Mystic Onyx Chicken Care

Just like other chicken breeds, Mystic Onyx chickens require great care. The care you provide to these chickens will affect their overall health. Below are among the care tips you should accord your Mystic Onyx chickens.

– Feeding & Nutrition

Mystic Onyx chickens require excellent nutrition to keep healthy and to maintain a proficient egg-production capability. That means you must feed your Mystic Onyx chocks with the right foods. For instance, these chickens will require plenty of protein in their infancy, prime and old age to support muscle growth and egg production.

Mystic Onyx chickens also need vitamin-rich sources, including vegetables and fruits, to keep their health systems robust. Lettuces, broccolis, and kales are among the many vegetables you can give your Mystic Onyx chickens to provide the fowl with adequate levels of vitamin C to boost their immunity.

Fresh fruits like kiwi, mangoes, lemons, and grapes will also help the chickens get loads of vitamins while refreshing their bodies, especially during hot days.

Mystic Onyx chickens also need proteins to help them support feather growth, especially during their initial feather-growing and molting phases. Regular feeds that claim to contain around 20% protein don’t have this actual percentage of protein.

Consequently, you can provide protein rich-foods like mealworms, fishmeal, and bugs to provide the chickens with enough protein to synthesize feather growth and egg production.

You should also give clean, fresh water to your Mystic Onyx chickens to give the birds adequate fluids to hydrate their bodies. Keep changing the water to ensure they don’t drink contaminated water that will make them sick.

– Housing

Mystic Onyx chickens need an excellent coop like other chickens. The cage you will use to house these birds should have ample space, mainly if you keep many birds. At least every Mystic Onyx chicken in your flock needs a minimum of 4 square feet to live comfortably without disturbing its fellow flockmates.

While Mystic Onyx chickens may appear as friendly birds, overcrowding can make these chickens develop destructive behaviors like bullying and pecking. Giving these birds enough living space can encourage them to cease such behaviors and concentrate on other things that will make them happy.

— Coop and Nest Boxes

The proper coop for your Mystic Onyx chickens should have nest boxes because these chickens are excellent layers. The cage should have at least three nest boxes for your egg-laying Mystic Onyx hens because the layers will lay frequently and unexpectedly and will definitely require a place to lay silently and safely.

Although Mystic Onyx chickens are hardy winter birds, they will need a warm coop during wintertime. You can warm up their coop by giving them soft and warm bedding that will help the young featherless birds keep warm. Ventilation is vital in the cage you will house your Mystic Onyx chickens.

These chickens need a coop that isn’t too cold or hot. Proper ventilation will ensure the Mystic Onyx chickens in your flock won’t have trouble regulating their body temperatures, whether it’s hot or cold.

Ensure your Mystic Onyx chickens have a comfortable place to roost, preferably perches. Your chickens will ultimately want a secure place to roost. The only way to make your chickens feel safe when roosting is by providing them with a safe and comfortable spot to spend the night. Having roosting perches in the coop will give your Mystic Onyx chickens a secure place to roost and rest.

Health Problems

Mystic Onyx chickens are hardy fowl that can withstand many diseases. However, these chickens will catch some disorders at some point. Some conditions your birds will likely get include Fowl fox, Salmonella, and Avian cholera. You can treat all these diseases with medications.

You can also treat mild cases of these diseases with home remedies, such as herbs like cinnamon, peppermint, and clover.

How Much Do Mystic Onyx Chickens Cost?

Although Mystic Onyx chickens are pretty new in the poultry world, these chickens are cheaper than other breeds. Baby chickens cost around $3, while hens cost approximately $15. Mystic Onyx roosters cost roughly $10, although older roosters can cost over $15.

Mystic Onyx Chickens for Sale

Because Mystic Onyx chickens are not a very popular chicken breed, they are hard to find in local hatcheries.  However, you can purchase Mystic Onyx chicks online from various popular hatcheries:

Are Mystic Onyx Chickens Good for Beginners?

Yes, Mystic Onyx chickens are excellent fowl for beginners. These crossbreed birds are easy to raise and adapt well to many climates. Furthermore, they are disease-resistant and hardy and can withstand cold and heat.

Are Mystic Onyx Chickens Hardy?

Yes, Mystic Onyx chickens are hardy and can thrive in varied climates. They can also withstand many diseases and conditions that affect other chickens.

Can Mystic Onyx Chicken Fly?

Mystic Onyx chickens aren’t flighty. These birds have relatively shorter wings than other chicken breeds. They are also docile, prompting them to remain close to their homes.

Tips on Keeping Mystic Onyx Chicken

Here are good tips for raising Mystic Onyx chickens for eggs or meat.

  • Have great housing for your Mystic Onyx chickens
  • Ensure your Mystic Onyx chickens have complete nutrition
  • Ensure predators can’t get to your birds
  • Don’t raise your Mystic Onyx chickens with aggressive breeds
  • Treat your chickens for many severe diseases


Mystic Onyx chickens are extraordinary chickens to raise, especially for beginners. These chickens can tolerate many climates, and they are also disease-resistant. Raising these chickens is easy, provided you have all the necessities they require to thrive.

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