100+ Names for Roosters – Unique, Funny and Creative

As someone who has grown up on a farm, I have always been surrounded by roosters, and I find them to be fascinating creatures with unique personalities. One of the most interesting aspects of roosters is the variety of names that people give them, which can range from traditional to unusual.

Here are over 100 names of roosters you can choose from:

Names for Roosters
Apollo Blaze Casper
Atlas Bolt Champ
Aurora Bono Chico
Bandit Bruce Chip
Benny Bruno Cinnamon
Blue Buck Clyde
Bo Buster Cocoa
Bob Caesar Comet
Bobby Captain Cooper
Bolt Carl Copper
Bono Casey Cosmos
Bowie Cash Cowboy
Brady Cedar Cruiser
Brave Chance Cuddles
Bruno Charlie Cupid
Brutus Chase Cyrus
Buddy Chester Dallas
Bugsy Chief Danny
Buster Chilly Dash
Caesar Chocolate Dasher
Cal Cinnamon Denver
Calvin Cisco Diego
Captain Cleo Diesel
Cash Clyde Duke
Casper Coco Dusty
Cedar Cody Eddie
Champ Comet Elvis
Chance Copper Felix
Charlie Cosmo Finn
Chase Cowboy Flash
Chester Cruiser Freddy
Chico Cuddles Gatsby
Chief Cupid George
Chip Cyrus Ghost
Chocolate Dallas Gizmo
Cinnamon Danny Goofy
Cisco Dash Gus
Cleo Dasher Hamilton
Clyde Denver Harley
Coco Diego Harry
Cody Diesel Henry
Comet Duke Hogan
Cooper Dusty Homer
Cosmo Eddie Hunter
Cowboy Elvis Jack
Cruiser Felix Jake
Cuddles Finn Jasper
Cupid Flash Jax
Cyrus Freddy Jerry
Dallas Gatsby Jimmy
Danny George Jojo
Dash Ghost Joker
Dasher Gizmo Jolly
Denver Goofy Jumper
Diego Gus King
Diesel Hamilton Kobe
Dusty Harley Leo
Eddie Harry Lightning
Elvis Henry Linus
Felix Hogan Louie
Finn Homer Lucky
Flash Hunter Luigi
Freddy Jack Luke
Gatsby Jake Magic
George Jasper Max
Ghost Jax Mickey
Gizmo Jerry Milo
Goofy Jimmy Morris

I’ve always been fascinated by the variety of names that people give them. While some may opt for traditional monikers like “Ralph” or “Rocky,” others prefer more unusual choices such as “Cassius” or “Chaucer.”

Choosing the Right Name for Your Rooster

Naming a rooster might seem like a trivial matter, but it can actually have a significant impact on their personality and behavior. A name that is too aggressive may encourage the rooster to be more combative, while a name that is too passive could result in a timid bird.

Creative Inspiration for Rooster Names

When it comes to finding the perfect name for a rooster, the possibilities are endless. Some people draw inspiration from their favorite literary characters, while others choose names based on the bird’s appearance or behavior. Here are some unique name ideas to consider:

  • Atlas: A strong and powerful name for a rooster with impressive size and strength.
  • Bowie: Inspired by the iconic musician, this name is perfect for a rooster with a bit of edge.
  • Cash: A fitting choice for a rooster with golden feathers, or one who’s always in pursuit of treats.
  • Ghost: For a rooster who’s elusive and hard to catch.
  • Lucky: Ideal for a rooster who’s survived against the odds.
  • Magic: An enchanting name for a rooster who seems to have a mystical quality.
  • Linus: A cute and quirky name for a rooster with a fluffy appearance.


Overall, naming a rooster can be a fun and creative process that allows you to express your personality and connection with your feathered friend. Whether you choose a traditional name or something more offbeat, the right name can help you forge a strong bond with your rooster and bring joy to your daily interactions.

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