Sultan vs White Polish Chicken – What is the Difference?

Choosing the right chicken between Sultan and White Polish Chicken can be albeit challenging. Are you looking for a friendly chicken, lots of eggs, or something fancy?

These two breeds of chickens are among the most valued backyard hens for various reasons. Here are some factors to think about while selecting between the two- Sultan vs White Polish Chicken.


– Sultan

The Sultan is a large fowl with unusual feathers. They have a muffed, bearded, and crested appearance. They are amongst the few birds with five toes. As chicks, their feathers are white to pale yellow.

The crest of the male flops to one side, forming a visor over his eye. The plumage is abundant and snow white. Their shanks and feet are adorned with feathers. The Sultan has a v-shaped comb, which is covered by the crest. The thighs are hidden by their wings, which are held low. The face should be red, and the beak should be yellow.

– Polish

Their head feathers make them identifiable. The appearance of these feathers might range from a neat pom-pom to an untidy, natural look. These feathers can often obstruct the bird’s vision. They do hide the rooster’s V-shaped comb.

They are medium-sized chickens with an upright and graceful carriage in general. White Polish chickens have a long body with broad shoulders and a straight back. Wings are somewhat long and held close to the torso.

Polish pigeons have a red comb and wattles and white ear lobes. Their beak will be big and horn-colored, and their eyes will be red bay. Their legs are golden and have a wide set. They have no feathers on the legs, and each leg has four toes.

Polish roosters have a poor hair day because their head feathers are messy and spiky, whereas the hens have a lovely pom appearance. His hackles and tails will have sharp sickle feathers.

Size and Height

– Sultan

Because of their small size, the Sultan chicken breed does not have much weight. A normal male Sultan weighs 2.75 kg. A bantam male Sultan weighs approximately 740 g. In the case of females, a normal chicken is anticipated to weigh 1.8 kg. A bantam female Sultan weighs approximately 625 g.

– Polished White

The Polish chicken is a regular chicken that is slightly smaller than the American chicken.

Roosters often weigh around 6lb, while Hens will weigh about 4-5 pounds. Bantam variations are also available, weighing up to 1.8lb depending on the sex.


– Sultan

Sultan chickens are friendly, docile, and calm chickens. Both females and males are both very easy to handle and tame. Also, they make excellent pets and garden ornamental birds. But, they aren’t excellent foragers, and they thrive in confinement.

– Polished White

The Polish are typically regarded as gentle and calm birds suitable for children to have as pets.

They can be flighty and nervous. Yet, this is mainly due to sight issues with the bird’s head feathers. As you approach the bird, whistling or talking will warn them of your presence, making them less likely to be startled.

Production of Eggs

– Sultan

When it comes to egg-laying, the Sultan isn’t the best choice. They do a lousy job, laying around one egg per week, or about 50 per year. So they don’t go broody very often! But, they do lay large and white eggs, and they don’t sit on them, and you won’t receive a constant supply of them.

– Polished white

The Polish aren’t known for their egg-laying abilities anymore, although they do lay a lot of eggs in general, roughly 200 eggs every year.

It takes time for them to get the habit of lying, but they may do so very regularly once they do. So if you’re looking for an egg-laying bird, don’t look at the Polish white chicken!

Production of Meat

– Sultan

Sultans aren’t exceptionally large birds, and they’re not a meat-producing breed.

– Polished white

It’s a beautiful story bird, but it’s not typically picked for egg production. Also, because it is stringy and lean, it is not a good chicken for meat production.

Care and Housing

– Sultan

You should provide them with appropriate housing, including a grassy space where they may play, stretch their legs and play. It is critical to creating a large enough home for everyone and includes locations to escape the heat or cold.

There are a few choices for this, including purchasing a commercially manufactured coop or building one yourself. To keep their feathers clean and healthy, make sure they have enough clean and dry bedding. Also, Sultan chickens love to escape and fly, so you’ll want to make sure you have a good-sized fence.

– Polished White

Polish white chickens need a wide and enclosed space in which to run around and play. They also need shelter on wet or cold days, as well as when laying eggs.

All your birds should have easy access to the nesting boxes located in the roofed roost. To line the bottom, you can use wood shavings, straw or bedding pellets. One nesting box should be provided for every four chickens. A spot for the chickens to perch and relax should be included in your roost.

Perches also give a comfy sleeping area for your Polish Chickens and should be elevated and away from their waste. Allow each bird eight inches of perching space.

To power lights, think of running an electrical line to the roost. It will keep your chickens warm on cooler days and boost their egg production.


These quirky birds are sure to bring a smile to your face whenever you see them!

Sultan and White polish chickens might be prolific egg layers. But, for the sake of appearance, they are deserving of a place in your flock.

They’re ideal for your children or as pet chickens because of their lovely personalities, and they enjoy getting held and picked up. So, why not try rearing one of them?

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