How to Use Valbazen for Chickens?

Worming is crucial to keeping chickens because these birds will have internal worms and parasites at some point because of the many things they consume. After all, internal parasites such as hookworms and tapeworms threaten a chicken’s health, and thus you must eliminate them promptly.

You can administer Valbezen to your chickens to help remove all internal worms, including stomach worms, lungworms, and intestinal worms.

What is Valbazen?

Valbazen is an oral worming medication for animals, including chickens. The drug benefits cattle because it helps control and removes worms such as liver flukes, stomach worms, tapeworms, and stomach worms. Albendazole is the main ingredient in Valbazen.

Valbazen is one of the few medications that are FDA-approved for controlling and removing tapeworms, stomach worms, and liver flukes in cattle and poultry. Valbazen could be the perfect dewormer for any chicken keeper who suspects that their flock could be suffering from internal worms.

This medication is safe for chickens and has no known side effects. That’s why it is among the most popular medications for livestock and poultry.

How to Use Valbazen for Chickens?

Killing worms can be challenging, especially if your flock has a heavy worm infestation. Furthermore, trying to kill the worms in your birds can stress their bodies and cause other serious health issues. Fortunately, Valbezen can help kill all the worms in your chickens without exposing them to health problems or stressing their bodies.

It’s pretty easy to administer this medication to your chickens. First, you can add Valbazen to your birds’ drinking water if they don’t have a heavy worm infestation that needs a vet’s intervention. Or, you can mix it with chicken feed, but in moderate amounts.

Some chicken farmers also administer Valbezen by squirting it down their chickens’ throats from syringes. This method may sound difficult, but it helps ensure your chickens get the benefits of the medication, especially if they have a heavy worm infestation.

This method also ensures that the medication can kill all the worms in a chicken’s gut, from the mouth to the stomach. However, the method works for chicken keepers with a few chickens in their flock. Otherwise, it would be difficult for chicken raisers with hundreds of chickens in their flock to administer this mediation using this method.

You can also soak Valbezen into small pieces of bread and then feed the pieces to your chickens. Nonetheless, you should ensure every chicken eats a few pieces of bread for this method to work. Otherwise, the dewormer will only work for chickens that eat the bread.

Therefore, this method of administering Valbezen to chickens isn’t effective for chicken keepers with a large flock because the chickens will scramble for the pieces of bread, and some birds won’t be lucky to eat the bread. Regardless of the method you use to administer Valbezen to your chickens, you must ensure the chickens use this dewormer for at least ten days.

Like other worming medications for chickens, you should use Valbazen in the right doses. The recommended dose for this dewormer is half cc/ml for the standard-size chicken. Smaller chickens should get a quarter cc/ml of Valbazen.

How Does Valbezen Work?

Valbazen works by starving worms and other internal parasites in a chicken’s body. It also starves larvae and can kill several types of worms affecting chickens and livestock. Some of the worms this medication can kill include hookworms, intestinal worms, and nodular worms.

You can use Valbazen for killing worms in chickens. Alternatively, you can use it to prevent worms from attacking your birds in the long run.

Can You Eat Eggs After Using Valbazen on Your Chickens?

Some chicken keepers don’t stop consuming eggs after worming their chickens with Valbezen. Some insist it is safe for chickens and humans, and thus no need to stop eating eggs after treatment. Although Valbazen is safe for both chickens and humans, stopping eating eggs for at least two weeks after worming your birds with this medication is advisable.

Furthermore, you should avoid slaughtering your chickens after treating them with Valbazen because the active ingredients in this dewormer can harm you.

However, no scientific research shows that eating eggs after worming your birds with Valbezen can harm your health, but it is safe to withdraw from eating eggs a couple of weeks after treating your birds with Valbazen to be on the safer side.

Other Worming Methods for Chickens

While Valbezen offers a safe way of worming your chickens, you shouldn’t always rely on this medication. After all, you can use several natural methods to worm your birds. Below are some of the ways you can use to worm your chickens.

  • Use diatomaceous earth to worm your birdsDiatomaceous earth offers a natural way of worming chickens. It can help kill your chickens’ worms and other internal parasites by dehydrating them and suffocating them to death. You can mix diatomaceous earth with your chickens’ drinking water. Add a tablespoon of this powder, and the birds won’t notice there is something in the water. Alternatively, add a tablespoon of diatomaceous earth to the chicken feed and mix the powder thoroughly with the feed.
  • Worm your chickens using apple cider vinegar– Apple cider vinegar is another natural way of worming birds, including chickens. It can kill most worms and internal parasites that affect chickens. Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to your birds’ drinking water. Apple cider vinegar also has multiple beneficial minerals and vitamins for chickens, apart from killing worms and other internal parasites.
  • Worm your birds with garlic cloves- Adding garlic cloves to chicken feed can help worm your birds because garlic makes a chicken’s gut less vulnerable to worms. Grind a couple of garlic cloves and add them to chicken feed to help worm your birds. Garlic cloves also have other health benefits for chickens besides killing worms and internal parasites. For example, garlic can help improve birds’ digestion and provide them with crucial minerals.


Valbazen is one of the best medications for worming chickens. This medication is safe for chickens and livestock and doesn’t expose them to severe health problems.

Furthermore, it is cheap and readily available in most poultry stores. Even better, Valbezen is suitable for chickens with heavy worm and internal parasite infestation,

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