Can Chickens Kill Snakes? 6 Common Answers

Adult chickens can kill snakes, although baby chicks can’t kill snakes. Chickens are nevertheless not snake hunters, unlike other birds, such as Guinea fowl. Chickens usually kill snakes to protect themselves and their offspring. Furthermore, chickens can’t kill big snakes. They only kill small snakes that they can swallow whole.

Do Chickens Attack Snakes?

Chickens will rarely attack snakes. However, they won’t hesitate to attack any snake that poses an imminent threat to them and their chicks. Snakes, especially smaller snakes, avoid getting too close to chickens since they know these birds will attack them immediately they detect them.

Roosters are particularly aggressive towards snakes. They will attack and kill any snake that comes close to your chicken flock, especially if the snake becomes a threat to the flock. Nonetheless, roosters won’t go around hunting for snakes.

Are Snakes Afraid of Chickens?

Yes, snakes are afraid of chickens since these birds will attack and kill them on sight. Small snakes are particularly afraid of adult chickens because adult chickens can kill and swallow such small snakes whole.

Snakes can also prey on your chickens’ eggs and their baby chicks. Bigger snakes aren’t afraid of chickens. Giant snakes will frequent chicken coops to prey on chicken’s eggs and baby chicks. Giant snakes are, however, fearful of adult chickens, and they will opt to prey on smaller chickens and baby chickens.

Are Chickens Immune to Snake Venom?

No, chickens aren’t immune to snake venom. Chickens will die from snake bites. That’s why chickens defend themselves from snakes become they can’t withstand their poison. A single bite from a snake can quickly kill an adult chicken or even a rooster.

Although snakes aren’t immune to venom from snakes, their feathers give them insulation against snakes’ fangs. Nonetheless, chickens will still die from snake venom if a snake manages to bite any chicken in your flock.

How to Keep Snakes Out of Chicken Coop?

The ultimate solution to keeping snakes away from your birds is by stopping snakes from accessing your coop. There are minimal chances of snakes killing your chickens if they don’t get too close to your coop. Check these handy tips on how to keep snakes out of your chicken coop.

– Snake Proof Your Chicken Coop

Snake-proof your chicken coop to discourage snakes from getting into the coop. Consider elevating the coop and installing some inverted funnels on each post of the coop. These funnels will deter snakes from entering the coop.

You can also seal all the holes where snakes can use to enter the coop. Check for holes in the doors, windows, and roof of the coop. Any holes that measure beyond 2 inches can be an entry point for snakes. Seal or cover such holes securely to deny snakes entry into your coop.

Avoid leaving the doors of the coop open during the day. Snakes will enter the coop during the day when they find the door open. They will wait silently for your chickens to get into the coop at night and then attack your birds.

Consider installing hardware cloth on your chicken coop rather than installing chicken wire. Most snakes, especially smaller snakes, can enter the coop through the holes present in the chicken wire. However, the snakes won’t get out of the coop through such holes after eating a baby chick or chickens’ eggs.

– Install a Fence Around Your Coop

Installing a fence around the chicken coop is an effective way of deterring snakes from entering your chicken coop. Make sure the fence doesn’t have holes that snakes can use to access the chicken coop.

Fasten the fence with bird netting to make the fence inaccessible to snakes. Furthermore, you can install an electric fence around your chicken fence.

– Collect Eggs Frequently

Eggs can make your chicken coop attractive to snakes. Collect the eggs to deny snakes food that is likely to lure them into the coop. Snakes will have no reasons to get into your chicken coop if no eggs are lying around.

– Reduce Chicken Feed Spillage and Wastage

Chicken feed can attract rodents into your chicken coop. In return, snakes will come to the chicken coop in search of rodents. Minimize chicken feed spillage and wastage.

Consider storing chicken feed in rodent-proof containers. Furthermore, clean the coop daily to remove any chicken feed spillage that can attract rodents into your chicken coop.

– Cut the Tall Grass Around Your Chicken Coop

Grass can harbor snakes in your yard. Consider cutting the grass around your chicken coop to discourage snakes from coming close to the coop. Apart from cutting grass, ensure there aren’t any tall trees near the coop. Snakes will hide on trees waiting for your birds.

Keeping the grass around the coop short makes it easier to notice the presence of snakes in your yard. Mow the grass in your lawn at least weekly to keep it short enough.

– Use Snake Repellents

Snake repellents provide a suitable way of keeping snakes away from your chicken coop. White vinegar acts as an effective snake repellent. Consider pouring white vinegar around the chicken coop. Snakes will take off once they smell the white vinegar.

Peppermint and hot pepper are also excellent snake repellents. Spread any of these two snake repellents around your chicken yard to discourage snakes from coming near the chicken coop.

Can Garden Snakes Kill Chickens?

Garden snakes are non-venomous snakes. Whereas garden snakes don’t have venom that can kill your chickens, their bites can, however, inflict severe wounds on your chickens.

Chickens can die from such wounds. Garden snakes can kill and consume a whole baby chicken. Garden snakes can also frequent your chicken coops in search of eggs.

Will Snakes Eat Baby Chicks?

Yes, snakes won’t hesitate to kill and eat baby chicks. Even smaller snakes will eat baby chicks. Most snakes will go for baby chicks since they are an easy target. Moreover, baby chicks can’t defend themselves against snakes, unlike adult chickens that protect themselves from snakes.


Chicken, specifically adult chickens, will kill snakes. However, there are high chances of a snake killing a chicken. Therefore, ensure snakes don’t come close to your chicken coop to eliminate any chances of snakes killing your chicken. Most importantly, snake-proof your coop to prevent your snakes from entering the coop and killing your birds.

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