Can Chickens Eat Fat Balls for Wild Birds?

Fat balls are a fantastic delicacy for wild birds. Chickens also love fat balls, and they cherish eating fat balls. Fat balls are also suitable for chickens, especially in winter, when chickens are less active. The fat in fat balls will also promote your chickens’ development and growth process, particularly if you don’t have enough feed to give your chickens.

What are Fat Balls Made Of?

Fat balls come from ingredients that are primarily present in bird foods. Mealworms and nuts make the most considerable percentage of fat balls’ ingredients. Some people make their fat balls from dry food and suet.

Others incorporate sunflower seeds and peanuts in their fat balls. These ingredients can provide plenty of nutritional value to your chickens.

Are Fat Balls Good For Chickens?

Fat balls are suitable for chickens. Whether you are making your fat balls at home or purchasing fat balls at a store, fat balls remain a beautiful treat for chickens. Here is how your chickens can benefit from consuming fat balls.

– Fat balls can reduce the feeding frequency in your chickens

Fat balls can support your chickens’ metabolism, providing them with sufficient energy when they have no access to regular chicken feed. These balls are especially great for chickens in winter since they help chickens eat less when they are less active, thus preventing them from becoming overweight.

– Fat balls have high fiber content

The combination of ingredients in fat balls gives these balls a high fiber content. Fat balls incorporate seeds like sunflower seeds and red sorghum. These two types of quality seeds are rich in fiber. These seeds are also highly nutritious, and they will address your chickens’ dietary needs.

– Fat balls have plenty of nutrients

Fat balls have plenty of ingredients that can help supplement your chickens’ nutritional needs. For instance, fat balls have maize flour, which is suitable for giving your chickens an adequate amount of carbohydrates.

Fat balls also have plenty of antioxidant carotenoids, including zeaxanthin and lutein, which help prevent chicks and young chickens from muscle inflammation. The rich calcium content in fat balls helps increase palatability in your chickens, making your chickens able to satisfy their energy, nutritional and water needs.

– Fat balls can help your chickens to absorb fat-soluble vitamins easily

It is hard for your chickens to absorb fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin E, vitamin D, and vitamin K if you provide your chickens with a regular diet. Research shows that fat balls can help your chickens absorb these essential fat minerals in their digestive system.

– Fat balls have plenty of monounsaturated fats

Monounsaturated fats are essential for chickens. Such fats can help lower the amount of cholesterol in your chickens’ bodies. Excess cholesterol can make your chickens susceptible to health problems that can affect their health in the long run.

The monounsaturated fats in fat balls can help stabilize your chickens’ blood sugar levels. Furthermore, these fats can help your chickens stay fuller for longer, thus reducing their possibility of overeating.

How Much Fat Ball Can Chickens Eat?

Although fat balls are suitable for chickens, chickens should only eat them in minimal amounts. It helps give your chickens fat balls less frequently since fat balls shouldn’t form a significant part of your chickens’ diet.

Give your chickens a couple of fat balls a week. Also, ensure the fat balls don’t have excess calorie and fat content. Fat balls should be treats rather than a component of your chickens’ main diet. Avoid purchasing fat balls that have a high concentration of fats and calories since these two ingredients aren’t healthy for chickens in the long run.

Chickens also don’t need plenty of fats, especially indoor chickens. Chickens, however, need a moderate amount of fat to help them sustain their biological processes. Too much fat in fat balls can make your chickens overweight and prone to severe medical conditions that eventually lead to death, particularly for chickens living indoors.

How to Make Fat Balls for Your Chickens?

Many people buy fat balls for their chickens from the stores. You can still make fat balls for your chickens at home. Kindly go through these tips below on how to make fat balls for your chickens at home.

– Gather the most nutritional ingredients for your fat balls

The best thing about making fat balls for your chickens at home is that you can incorporate as many nutritional elements as you need in your fat balls. Consider having several ingredients in your fat balls. Some of the most nutritious ingredients to infuse with your homemade fats balls include –

  • Raisins
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Millet
  • Cayenne
  • Oats
  • Barley corn
  • Unsalted nuts

– Chop the ingredients into small sizes

The choice of ingredients you wish to include in your homemade fat balls depends on your preferences. Whatever ingredients you choose for your homemade fat balls, ensure you chop them into small sizes.

– Place the nuts and fruits on the top

Place the grains, fruit seeds, and other ingredients in a heated pan. Choose the size of the heating pan depending on the number of ingredients you have.

– Add grease to your ingredients

Grease ensures that the ingredients the ingredient mix well. Heat grease to melt it before adding it to the heating pan with ingredients. Although it is necessary to heat grease before putting it in the heating pan, please don’t solidify.

Pour the grease carefully on the ingredients in the heated pan while the grease is still hot. Stir the contents in the heat pan to blend them with the grease.

Thicken your fat balls

After preparing your fat balls, it is time to thicken them to make the fat balls edible for your chickens. Allow the ingredients in the heat pan to boil until they become solid. Consider running a knife along the edges of the heating pan after the fat balls have become thick enough.

– Let the fat balls cool down

Allow the fat balls in the heating pan to cool down. You can put the fat balls in a freezer to help them cool down quickly. Leave the fat balls for several hours after cooling them down. Put the fat balls in a dish once they cool down completely.

– Give the fat balls to your chickens

Provide the chickens with your homemade fat balls. It helps to establish a feeding routine whereby you will give your chickens homemade fat balls in a manner that won’t compromise their health. It would help if you gave your chickens fat balls at least thrice a week alongside their diet.


Chickens can eat fat balls for wild balls. Fat balls aren’t only a treat for your chickens. They can also supplement your chickens’ dietary needs. Furthermore, fat balls will help maintain your chickens’ growth and development.

Nonetheless, avoid giving too many fat balls to your chickens lest you expose them to the adverse effects of overeating fat balls.

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