Can Chickens Eat Oatmeal? Benefits & Risks

Oatmeal is among the finest and most healthy nutritious foods for chickens. Cooked or raw oatmeal makes an energizing and nutritious snack for chickens. Chickens enjoy eating oatmeal before it tastes delicious.

Oatmeal is also a natural source of protein, vitamins, and antioxidants for chickens. Oatmeal is a good food choice for your chickens because it has many health benefits for your birds. It’s also easy to prepare for your birds.

Is Oatmeal Good for Chickens?

Yes, oatmeal is good for chickens and all domestic birds. It makes a healthy treat for chickens because it’s safe and 100% natural. Oatmeal is especially good for chickens because it has many nutrients and minerals that help improve chickens’ well-being and health. It isn’t risky to provide your chickens with oatmeal, provided you will give it to them in moderation.

How to Make Oatmeal for Chickens?

It’s pretty simple to make oatmeal for your chickens. Chickens don’t need to eat a lot of oatmeal to get this whole grain’s nutritional and health benefits. Chickens can eat raw oatmeal; therefore, you don’t need much time to prepare this whole grain for your chickens. They are comfortable eating either raw or cooked oatmeal.

You can make oatmeal delicious for your chickens by following simple preparations. For example, you can add a cup of warm water over oatmeal to moisten the whole grain, making it edible for chickens, especially younger chickens. Don’t add too much warm water to the oatmeal because it will turn soupy.

Although plain oatmeal is fine for chickens, you can make it better by adding a few things to make it more delicious. Add a handful of scratch grains to the oatmeal to make it healthy and tasty for the birds. Or, you can add some unprocessed nuts to the oatmeal to provide your birds with healthy fats to keep them warm, particularly in the cold winter.

Seeds like flower seeds can also make oatmeal more nutritious for chickens. Add some flower seeds to either raw or cooked oatmeal. Such seeds will add powerful nutrients to the oatmeal, making it healthier for the chickens. Stir the seeds into the oatmeal to make the combination easily edible to your chickens.

Dried or fresh berries are also worth adding to oatmeal to make it tasty for your flock. Some good choices of berries to add to oatmeal include strawberries and blueberries.

Such berries will not only make oatmeal delicious for the birds, but they will also add more nutritional value to oatmeal. Mealworms and raisins are other ingredients you can add to oatmeal to make the whole grain delicious for your chickens.

Benefits of Chickens Eating Oatmeal

Oatmeal is among the best foods to feed chickens for valid reasons. This whole grain has many benefits for your chickens. Here are the benefits your chickens will get from eating oatmeal.

Oatmeal Is Incredibly Nutritious

The more nutritional value a food item provides to chickens, the better it is for the birds. Oatmeal has a load of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins, making it a great fit for chickens of all ages. Oatmeal, for instance, has a high protein content and healthy amino acids.

Chickens need loads of protein for egg laying. They also need protein when molting because this nutrient will help them grow feathers fast. Oatmeal boasts more minerals than any wholegrain. Some of the minerals in oatmeal that are beneficial for chickens include magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, folate, and copper.

Oatmeal also has a reasonable amount of carbs, making it suitable for free-range chickens or chickens that require more energy. Because of the carbs in the oatmeal, this whole grain is a good food choice for your chickens in the winter.

Oatmeal is Rich in Fiber

Healthy fiber is essential for chickens. Good fiber will help promote good digestion in your chickens. The fiber will also increase the feeling of fullness in your chickens, which means you won’t spend much buying chicken feed if you toss a few handfuls of oatmeal into your chicken coop for your chickens to peck at.

Moreover, the healthy fiber in oatmeal will promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in your chickens’ digestive tract. Thus, your chickens are less susceptible to digestive problems if you provide them with fiber.

Oatmeal Relieves Constipation in Chickens

Chickens of all sizes and ages experience constipation because of the different foods they eat daily. Constipation is the leading digestive problem in chickens. Oatmeal can help relieve constipation in older and younger chickens.

It can also reduce gastrointestinal symptoms in birds, including chickens. That makes oatmeal one of the finest wholegrain to give your chickens if you want to prevent your birds from suffering from constipation.

How Often Can Chickens Eat Oatmeal?

Oatmeal is a good treat for chickens. However, your chickens’ diet shouldn’t entirely come from oatmeal. Too much oatmeal can subject your chickens to a high risk of putting on excess weight. That’s why poultry experts recommend that chicken keepers should feed oatmeal to their chickens in moderation.

Ideally, consider feeding oatmeal to your chickens at least twice a week. Most importantly, add a variety of food items to oatmeal to make it delicious and satisfying for your chickens.

Can Chickens Eat Only Oatmeal?

No chickens can’t survive entirely on oatmeal. Although oatmeal is rich in a wide variety of minerals and nutrients, that doesn’t mean it has everything your chickens need for proper growth. That’s why your chicken won’t get all the nutrients they want from eating oatmeal alone.

Chickens need various minerals and nutrients to survive. For instance, chickens need to consume food rich in vitamins, proteins, amino acids, minerals, and essential fats. Therefore, these birds need to eat greens, grains, fruits, plant materials, and seeds for optimal health.

The wider the variety of foods your chickens eat, apart from oatmeal, the healthier your birds will grow. Please ensure the chickens consume different types of nutritious foods and oatmeal to enhance their health.


Oatmeal is good and completely safe for your chickens. Your chickens will get tons of benefits from consuming this whole grain. Oatmeal is also more nutritious than many commercial chicken feeds on the market.

As good as oatmeal is for your chickens, your birds should eat the wholegrain in moderation because eating too much oatmeal can be disastrous for chickens.

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