Frizzle, Sizzle, and Frazzle Chickens

Keeping exhibition chickens can be exciting, particularly if you want an exhibition bird you can cherish for the rest of your life. Exhibition birds can be an awesome addition to any household, particularly for those with large lawns.

Some chickens that make great exhibition birds include the Frizzle, Sizzle, and Frazzle chickens. These three chicken breeds have unique personalities and differ in size, appearance, and temperament.

The three breeds also have varied meat and egg production capabilities. They stand out from other breeds because of their curly feathers.

Frizzle Chicken

Frizzle chicken is among the most attractive chicken breeds. It has frizzled and curled plumage. Frizzle Chickens have round, full breasts and broad bodies.

Furthermore, these birds have long and curly feathers. Each feather of these chickens has a ragged appearance. Frizzle Chickens have many frizzled feathers on their necks.

Many European countries recognize this chicken breed as a unique breed. These nations also keep these chickens for show purposes rather than for egg or meat production.


Frizzle chickens have erect bodies and rounded full breasts, making them unique from other breeds. Every feather of the Frizzle chicken is relatively long and curls backward. Each feather of these chickens has a ragged appearance.

Frizzle chickens’ necks have abundant feathers. Frizzle chickens have unfeathered legs. The frizzle chickens come in bantam and standard sizes. Frizzle cocks weigh around 3.2 kg, while hens weigh approximately 2.7 kg.

Bantam Frizzle chickens are lightweight chickens. Bantam Frizzle males weigh about 0.75 kg, while females weigh about 0.5 kg.

Origin and History

It’s hard to trace the history of Frizzled chickens. However, plenty of anecdotal evidence points out that these chickens come from Asia.

These chickens have been commonplace since the eighth century. They are a result of selective breeding, primarily to meet exhibition purposes.


The Frizzle chicken breed is a hardy breed with a gentle and calm temperament. Frizzle chickens are peaceful and docile. They easily adjust to their environment and get along well with their owners.

These chickens are non-aggressive and can thrive in a free range or confinement. These birds are ever happy and ready to interact with their owners and other chickens.

 Eggs and Meat

Frizzle chicken breed is a poor layer, unlike other prolific ones such as Leghorns and Rhode Island Reds. However, this breed will give you around 120 to 150 tinted or cream eggs annually.

Meaning hens can lay about 2 to 3 eggs weekly. While they may be somewhat poor layers, these chickens are good at caring for their offspring.

Frizzle chickens are neither suitable for meat production because most people keep these extraordinary chickens for exhibition purposes instead for egg and meat production.

These chickens’ bodies are not ideal for optimal meat production since they are smaller than most meat-producing chicken breeds.

Care Level

Caring for frizzle chickens can be easy because these birds require less maintenance, unlike most chicken breeds. Frizzle chickens only need a clean and conducive environment.

Being exhibition birds, Frizzle chickens require care to make them look appealing. These chickens can thrive with a proper diet and good and regular access to clean, fresh water. Frizzle chickens are more susceptible to parasites, so they require extra care to ensure parasites don’t take a toll on these birds.

Furthermore, these chickens also need time to forage outside and interact with their surroundings.

Being easy-going birds, these chickens can be susceptible to many predators, particularly canines and felines.

Sizzle Chicken

The Sizzle chicken is a chicken with frizzled and curled plumage. The breed is a distinct chicken breed in most European nations.

It is a popular breed among poultry raisers who raise chickens strictly for exhibition purposes.


A Sizzle chicken looks like a Silkie chicken. However, the only difference between a Sizzle chicken and a Sizzle chicken is that the former has heavy plumage while the latter has normal feathers, like in other chicken breeds.

Frizzle chickens look like Pekin chickens. They have beautiful curly feathers that come in different colors. Sizzle chickens are standard-sized birds and are much smaller than the average chickens.

Sizzle roosters weigh approximately 3.6 kg, while Sizzle hens weigh around 2.7 kg. There are Sizzle Bantam chickens, which are commonplace in Australia. Bantam Sizzle chickens weigh below one kg.

Origin and History

Although the origin and history of Sizzle chickens remain unknown, some scientific findings show that these chickens originate from Asia, specifically from China.

They have also been popular chickens in Japan and India. These chickens’ popularity in America rose in the late 19th century.


Sizzle chickens are adorable birds. These chickens have a docile temperament, although they can sometimes be cheeky. They are a crossbreed of Silkies and Pekins, so they retain the friendly traits of these two chicken breeds.

Sizzle chickens are robust and hardy. These birds are some of the most social and amicable chicken breeds you can raise in your backyard.

Furthermore, Sizzle chickens are outgoing and social chickens. They are incredibly tamable and make great pets for families with little children.

Moreover, these chickens can coexist with many non-aggressive chicken breeds.

Eggs and Meat

Sizzle chickens aren’t the most exceptional layers compared to Leghorns and Red Island Reds, which can produce nearly 300 eggs yearly. These chickens lay around 2 to 4 eggs weekly, averaging 150 eggs annually.

Sizzle hens usually lay tinted or white eggs. These chickens aren’t suitable for meat, although they produce tasty black meat that is highly flavorful and rich in protein.

Nonetheless, Sizzle chickens are great ornamental birds, but they aren’t ideal chickens to raise in your backyard for meat.

Care Level

Sizzle chickens are among the best ornamental birds to raise in any backyard. These chickens don’t have many requirements and maintenance needs.

Like other chickens, though, Sizzle chickens need great care to thrive. First, these chickens need to live in a clean environment.

Furthermore, Sizzle chickens need protection from ferocious predators. These chickens can live in the standard coop, thanks to their size.

Furthermore, they are terrific foragers, so you don’t have to purchase feed while raising these chickens if you have a spacious lawn for your birds to roam.

Sizzle chickens need regular vaccination against multiple diseases, such as Marek’s disease and Fowl Cholera. They also need protection from parasites like other chickens.

Due to their plumage, these chickens can get dirty quickly. Therefore, Sizzle chickens should live in a clean coop.

Frazzle Chicken

Frazzle chickens are over-frizzled chickens known for their highly curly plumage. These chickens come from crossing two frizzle chicken breeds.

Most Frazzle chickens are a cross of Cochin, Polish, and Pekin chickens, among other fluffy breeds,


The Frazzle chicken is an over-frizzled bird known for its curly and extremely frizzle appearance. These chickens’ frazzling is due to the unwanted result of crossing two frizzled chicken breeds.

Frazzle chickens have smooth feathers. Frazzle chickens are full-breasted. These chickens have short erect bodies. Furthermore, Frazzle chickens have long wings and large tails, making them look different from other breeds.

Origin and History

Many poultry enthusiasts don’t know the history of Frazzle chickens. Some reliable sources state that these chickens originated from Asia after crossing multiple frizzle chickens.

Frazzle chickens have been around since the eighteenth century.


Frazzle chickens make a great choice of backyard chickens for excellent reasons. These chickens are calm and docile and have a docile temperament.

Frazzle chickens also have a peace-loving demeanor, enabling the birds to coexist with other breeds and pets. This chicken breed is an ideal breed to raise for any chicken keeper who wants to hatch new baby chicks.

Hens are excellent setters, and they also accord attentive care to their offspring.

 Eggs and Meat

As exhibition birds, Frazzle chickens aren’t excellent layers. Frazzle hens are some of the poorest layers. However, these chickens can give you about 120 to 150 tinted or cream eggs, equating to around 2 to 3 eggs weekly.

Because these chickens are fluffy, medium-sized birds, they don’t have a reliable meat-producing capability. However, their meat is one of the tastiest chicken meat globally.

Nonetheless, they aren’t the best chickens to raise for eggs or meat production, although you can raise Frazzle chickens for delicious black meat.

Care Level

Frazzle chickens have a set of care requirements, like other ornamental birds. These chickens are very picky about their environment and usually roost or live in clean places. Chicken owners raising these chickens must ensure their birds live in a spotless environment.

Frazzle chickens also need constant grooming and cuddling since they are social chickens that love cuddling and can tolerate human handling. While these chickens can accept human handling, they aren’t disease resistant.

Furthermore, these chickens are always prone to predators. They enjoy being on a free-range system, although this system exposes them to marauding predators.


Frizzle, Sizzle, and Frazzle chickens are some of the most excellent birds to raise for ornamental purposes.

These birds have wonderful-looking plumage that sets them apart from other breeds.

Furthermore, their calm personalities make them beautiful chickens to raise in all backyards.

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