Are Australorp Chickens Noisy?

Decades after the first Australorp selective breeding, the birds remain a favorite with most poultry keepers. Records suggest probable ancestors for these amazing birds are the black Orpingtons imported in Australia by the 1890s.

In the 1900s, a famous scientist named William Cook selectively interbred Orpingtons with other varieties like Langshans, White Leghorns, Minorca, and Rhode Island reds to create the legendary Australorp variety.

The beauty of this combination brought forth a unique dual-purpose species ideal for Australian weather. In reality, they are classified among Australian honorary birds. Mainly, this is because they are a pretty calm and delightful addition to your flock.

Keep following as we bring to light the crowing nature of Australorp chickens.

Are Australorps Quiet or Noisy?

Defining a particular chicken breed as the noisiest or quietest can be challenging because these traits differ from one bird to another. Similar to human beings, you might find a boisterous or more reserved bird in the flock.

This is because calmness or lack of it tends to be an individual peculiarity caused by various factors. For instance, you might hear a crackling noise immediately after the hen lays their eggs.

On the other hand, a clicking noise is expected when the birds scavenge in the yard. Likewise, a predator in the vicinity may prompt your chickens to make lots of commotion as a warning to other flock members.

The clucking can become contagious within a short time. Of course, roosters are louder than the hens, a trait you can notice, especially when they crow.

That said, many farmers have differing conclusions on whether Australorps are just chatty or just awfully noisy. While some experts classify them as quiet bird species, this is not always the case. Therefore, be prepared for an Aussie that toots like geese or a somewhat hushed companion.

Do Australorp Roosters Crow a Lot?

Whereas roosters and hens make an almost similar noise, they are most likely telling a different story. Remember that roosters are naturally the rulers of chicken flocks.

They may crow more loudly to announce their presence or as a warning to competing roosters as a measure of their power. Also, it can be a show-off trait to capture hen’s attention.

Most striking is that roosters instinctively anticipate sunrise as they start crowing at dawn. Some experts refer to this noise as a unique way of roosters establishing their territories.

The noise intensity is often compared to a barking dog at about 90 decibels. Hen’s noise level is slightly lower at an average of 60-70 decibels.

When it comes to Aussie roosters, you may not only hear them crow in the morning but also during the day. There is nothing unusual about this mannerism because this is the only way chickens can communicate with the rest.

The good thing about Australorp roosters is that crowing does not happen continually compared to other species. Still, they cannot be classified among the quiet chicken breed because even if hens are calmer, roosters can cause a racket sometimes.

How to Make Your Australorps Quiet?

Your Australorps may spend most of their day foraging in silence. When tired, some may sit on perches while others rest under shades quietly. Nonetheless, there is always one loud bird in the group who constantly crows for no reason.

You can imagine the agony of waking up every day to a deafening sound. The situation becomes more complicated if you have neighbors who appreciate some peaceful sleep in the morning.

Before losing your mind over this, remember that there are several tactics you can try to silence your Aussies. Start with the simple spray bottle method and squirt cold water to the victims every time they start screaming.

You may come across a more resilient fellow who fails to bow down to a spray bottle. In such a scenario, get a hosepipe and release water jets every time the yelling begins.

It might not take long for even the most unruly birds to finally get the cue. Still, you have to keep on repeating this ploy because chickens have a short memory.

Are Bantam Australorp Chickens Noisy?

Bantam Australorps may be smaller in size, but they also make up for this personality in various ways. Like other species, each may have a unique disposition that differs from the rest. That said, you can either have a noisy or less raucous bantam in your flock.

Overall, bantams can be quieter thanks to their smaller size. All in all, different-sized chickens make more noise in the morning before feeding. Thus, giving food at a particular hour reduces the clamor drastically and leaves the chickens more content.

Do Australorp Chickens Make Noise After Laying an Egg?

Once you familiarize yourself with various chicken sounds, you might realize a peculiar sound they make after laying eggs. Some individuals refer to this as a celebration of a job well done or an announcement to other flock members.

Other than that, it may appear like a distraction tactic used to distract predators from the eggs. Most amusing is that the egg song often has an eccentric effect on roosters. Usually, they perform a little jig which in most cases concludes with mating between the birds.

What Breed of Chickens are the Quietists?

Some people argue that there is no such thing as the quietest chicken species. Yet, some selected breeds are reasonably quiet and not as noisy as others.

The quietest documented chickens include Wyandotte, Rhode Island Reds, Orpington, Cornish Crosses, Cochin, Plymouth Rock Bantam, Rosecomb Bantam, and Seabright Bantam.

Final Thoughts

Remember that every noise made plays an essential role before dismissing a chicken because of its chatty nature. In other terms, every vocalization from your birds is a unique way of communicating.

Also, since fowls are social creatures, they may require a chat here and there to keep running. On this note, raising a noisy Aussie shouldn’t be a bother not unless they become a real nuisance to the people in the vicinity.

The brighter side about Australops is that they are incredible dual birds worth the struggle. For this reason, a basket full of eggs and sumptuous chicken meat is more rewarding than the clatter caused.

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