Australorp Rooster – Everything You Need to Know

The Australorp rooster is a rooster breed that originates from Australia. This rooster is known for its beautiful black feathers, black legs and red combs.  Australorp rooster boasts worldwide popularity for its massive size and weight.

This rooster breed can weigh up to 10 pounds. It is also friendly with humans. Nonetheless, it can aggressively defend the flock from intruders.

 Australorp Rooster vs Hen – What is the Difference?

Most poultry owners usually wonder about the personality and visual differences between Australorp roosters and hens from various chicken species. Hens and Australorp roosters may appear remarkably similar. Nonetheless, some physical traits differentiate the two breeds.

The first physical difference lies in their tails. Australorp roosters have iridescent black feathers. Their large red combs come with bright red wattles. Their red coloring makes them utterly unique from hens. Australorp roosters are larger in size and height compared to hens.

The other difference between these two birds lies in their feathers. Hens don’t have saddle feathers, which is a distinct physical difference between Australorp roosters and hens.

Australorp roosters have narrow, pointy and elongated saddle feathers. Hens have round hackle feathers on their necks. Australorp roosters have pointy and elongated hackle feathers.

Australorp roosters are healthier than hens. They don’t succumb to many diseases that affect hens, such as Avian influenza and coccidiosis. These roosters also get along well with other chicken species as long as these species aren’t aggressive.

Hens have a docile nature, unlike Australorp roosters. These roosters might be a bit aggressive towards intruders. Australorp roosters can, however, thrive well among other chicken breeds and other pets. These roosters are easy to manage compared to hens. You can keep your Australorp rooster in your yard to protect your flock.

Australorp roosters have a great personality compared to hens. These roosters are agreeable with other chicken species, unlike hens. Australorp roosters exhibit a free spirit that hens lack. Lone Australorp roosters seem incredibly curious and gentle compared to hens.

Australorp Rooster Temperament

The Australorp rooster overly has a good temperament compared to other chicken breeds. Nonetheless, this rooster may at times exhibit signs of aggression towards people.

It can also show clear signs of aggression towards other chickens, especially other roosters. Furthermore, this rooster can defend the flock from predators and intruders.

Although Australorp roosters can be aggressive towards humans, these roosters can be pretty easy to manage if given proper care. They rarely peck people unless they are agitated.

You can rarely come across an Australorp rooster that nips people. Consider removing any aggressive rooster from the flock. Never let an aggressive Australorp reproduce since it will produce aggressive offspring.

The Australorp rooster will, however, tend to be aggressive toward other chicken species, especially roosters. You can’t be able to raise several Australorp roosters in one pen without experiencing difficulties.

Australorp roosters are usually noisy, even among other chickens. They will keep strutting around, though they achieve a level of truce over time.

Surprisingly, they will always be an older Australorp rooster that will discourage aggressive behavior even if you keep several Australorp roosters in one cage.

The older Australorp rooster will dissuade other younger roosters from fighting. Consider raising Australorp roosters in a separate pen to avoid the aggressive behavior of Australorp roosters.

Australorp Rooster Weight and Size

Australorp roosters are relatively large chicken breeds. They are some of the largest and heaviest roosters in the world. Some full-grown roosters can weigh about ten pounds.

Other Australorp roosters can weigh more than 10 pounds. On average, Australorp roosters can attain an average height of between 26 and 30 inches.

Australorp Rooster Lifespan

Australorp roosters have an average lifespan of between six and ten years. Some Australorp roosters can live up to 15 years. There are, however, some factors that tend to affect the lifespan of an Australorp Rooster. The environment is one factor. The rooster will have a shorter lifespan while living in an environment prone to diseases and predators.

The quality of care is also another crucial factor that can affect the lifespan of an Australorp rooster. An Australorp rooster can live for many years if it experiences quality life care. It can, however, live for fewer years if it doesn’t get the proper care.

Your Australorp rooster is likely to have a shorter lifespan if it lives in an environment with high competition. Nonetheless, it will live longer if it doesn’t compete with other chicken species, especially fellow roosters.

Do Australorp Roosters Crow?

Australorp roosters are pretty noisy, and hence they tend to crow a lot compared with other roosters from various chicken breeds. Your Australorp rooster will crow whenever you turn on the light in your house.

Australorp roosters will also crow during the daytime, unlike other roosters from different chicken species. It isn’t surprising to hear your Australorp rooster crow during odd hours of the day. Your rooster will crow more, especially if it is living with other roosters in the same cage.

Furthermore, your rooster will crow when it hears another rooster crowing. Overly, Australorp roosters crow constantly. Nonetheless, they don’t crow quite often.

There are however some instances when your Australorp rooster may crown abnormally. Check these explanations below to understand why your Australorp rooster is crowing abnormally.

  • Your rooster wants to define and announce its territory
  • Your rooster wants to establish dominance among other roosters
  • Your rooster may be irritated
  • Your rooster can’t anticipate sunrise

Do Australorp Roosters Fight?

Yes, fighting is a common habit among roosters, including Australorp roosters. These roosters usually fight to establish dominance particularly when there are several Australorp roosters living together.

Although it’s a frightening scene to watch, fighting among Australorp roosters is part of their pecking order. Fighting, however, becomes serious the moment one rooster causes serious injuries to the other rooster.

Luckily, you can stop fighting among your Australorp roosters when the fighting becomes a problem. Check these handy tips below on how to stop fighting among your roosters.

– Keep Plenty of Hens

Constant fights will never end if you have fewer hens in your flock. Ensure there are enough hens for each rooster, mainly if you keep multiple Australorp roosters in one cage. Please ensure they are at least ten to twelve hens in the cage to eliminate competition among your roosters.

Having a proportional number of hens in your coop will ensure each rooster has a hen to mount on without necessarily having to fight with its fellow rooster.

– Provide Your Roosters With Plenty of Space

There will be occasional fights if you keep multiple Australorp roosters in the same cage. These fights can be dangerous if you don’t have enough room for the roosters.

Thus, you should provide enough space for your birds to avoid such constant fights. Avoid keeping large flocks of Australorp roosters if you have minimal space.

– Separate Your Roosters

Some Australorp roosters may be aggressive toward other roosters. Such aggressive roosters will pick a fight with other roosters.

Thus, it would help if you separated them from other roosters and your entire flock to prevent occasional fights. Get a different cage for the most aggressive roosters among your flock.

– Raise Your Roosters Together

Your Australorp roosters are likely to fight less if you raise them together. Raising your roosters together will help develop a pecking order among the roosters. They will be less likely to fight or hurt each other as they grow older.

Avoid adding new roosters to your existing flock since the dominant roosters will perceive the new roosters as rivals, and hence they will be endless fights. Furthermore, avoid adding a new rooster to a flock with roosters that have already reached sexual maturity.

The other roosters, in this case, will regard the new rooster as an intruder. Therefore keep your roosters according to their age, whereby you shouldn’t keep older roosters with their younger counterparts.

 How Many Hens to One Rooster?

One Australorp rooster should serve between seven to ten hens. For a bigger flock, you need to have more roosters to serve all chickens adequately. Having more roosters than hens in your cage can be dangerous. It would mean that they will be constant fights as every rooster strive to establish its dominance over the flock.

There will always be a dominant rooster in your flock, no matter how many hens and roosters you keep in your flock. Hence, keep a proportionate number of hens in your cage to allow every rooster to have its partner. Overly, you should have one rooster if you have ten hens in your cage.


Australorp roosters are among the best chicken breeds to have in your chicken flock. These roosters will guarantee you a constant supply of meat and eggs over time. Furthermore, they are easy to maintain compared to other roosters from other chicken breeds.

Consider adding an Australorp rooster to your flock today if you are rearing poultry in your home.

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