Are ISA Brown Chickens Good Layers?

ISA brown chickens are some of the best layers of today’s poultry industry. These chickens lay many eggs compared to the other egg-laying chickens. Furthermore, ISA chickens are non-aggressive and pretty friendly.

Many chicken keepers treasure these chickens for their ability to lay plenty of eggs within a few weeks when they start laying. Their light brown eggs are more nutritious and larger than those of other chicken breeds.

How Many Eggs Do ISA Brown Chickens Lay?

ISA brown chickens are terrific layers since they can lay between 300 and 350 eggs annually. Some ISA brown hens can lay over 350 eggs a year since most chicken breeders breed these chickens specifically for laying.

When do ISA Brown Chickens Start Laying?

ISA chickens are some of the earliest layers compared to many egg-laying breeds. These chickens start laying when they are about 22 weeks old. This is pretty early, considering that most chicken breeds start laying at around 18 weeks old.

What Size Eggs do ISA Browns Lay?

The average size of the ISA hen is about 63.1 grams, meaning ISA brown chickens lay bigger eggs than other chicken breeds.

Do ISA Brown Chickens Lay Eggs In Winter?

ISA brown chickens can continue laying for the better part of the year. Winter doesn’t give these chickens rest on their reproductive systems. Thus, some ISA chickens can stop laying during winter. Some ISA chickens will continue laying eggs in winter, although their eggs production will decrease significantly due to cold.

How Long Do ISA Brown Chickens Lay?

Although ISA brown chickens are among the best laying chickens, these chickens don’t, however, lay for many years like most egg-laying breeds. On average, these chickens lay for about two years. ISA brown hens may continue laying after two years, although they won’t maintain their eggs production for long.

What Color Eggs do ISA Browns Lay?

As their name suggests, ISA brown chickens lay red-brown eggs. These hens lay large and even extra-large eggs. Some ISA hens may lay eggs with different color variations. For instance, some hens can lay chocolate brown eggs, while others can lay light chocolate brown eggs.

How to Make Your ISA Browns Lay More Eggs?

ISA browns are commercial egg-laying chickens. Chicken keepers keep these chickens primarily for eggs. Nonetheless, the number of eggs these chickens lay can vary from one chicken to the other. Luckily, there are specific ways you can use to make your ISA browns lay more eggs. Below are a few insights into how you can make your ISA browns lay more eggs.

– Provide Your ISA Hens with Calcium and Protein-Rich Diet

Thanks to their terrific egg-laying abilities, ISA hens need more calcium and protein than most hens from different chicken breeds. Introducing a protein and calcium-rich diet to your ISA hens will help speed up their egg-laying ability.

Oyster shells are some of the calcium and protein-rich foods you should provide to your ISA hens to help them lay more eggs. Introduce calcium and protein supplements to your hens to enhance their egg-laying capability.

– Provide Your ISA Hens with Enough Space for Foraging

Providing your ISA hens with adequate space for foraging is ideal for boosting their protein intake. Free-range ISA hens will pick up many bugs as they move around your yard. Bugs contain plenty of nutrients that can help increase your ISA hens’ egg production.

Foraging will not only allow your ISA hens to forage on protein-rich bugs. It will also keep the hens happy and give them more freedom to explore their environment. Happy ISA hens stand a chance of laying more eggs.

– Provide Your ISA Hens with Many Nesting Boxes

ISA brown hens can lay between one and two eggs daily. Ensure each hen has a nesting box where she can lay eggs. Hens will lay eggs more when they know they have a nesting area. Nesting boxes will also make your egg-laying ISA chickens comfortable as they lay.


ISA chickens are perhaps the best layers of all egg-laying chicken breeds. These chickens can lay more than a single egg a day. Young ISA hens are particularly quite productive since they can lay several eggs from the onset of their egg-laying cycle. Provide a nutritious diet to your ISA hens to encourage them to lay more eggs.

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