Black Chicken Eggs – Are They Fake or Real?

Chickens come in various sizes and colors, making them an excellent picturesque addition to your compound. But what of their eggs? Do they also come in a variety of colors as well? In truth, naturally occurring chicken eggs come in shades of white and brown depending on the breed of chicken that has laid them.

black chicken eggs

There has been a lot of information on social media on other colors of chicken eggs, especially black eggs. Some farmers purport to have these black eggs and sell them at exorbitant prices. So what are the facts about black eggs? This article seeks to shed light on this subject.

Do Black Chickens Lay Black Eggs?

No. the color of a chicken’s feathers does not dictate the color of the eggs it will lay. In the same way that brown cows do not produce chocolate milk, black chickens do not lay black eggs. There was a time when new farmers were tricked into buying the Ayam Cemani.

This chicken breed is pigmented from top to bottom in black, including its beak and feet. Even though the chicken breed is beautiful and shines in the sunlight, it does not produce black eggs. It lays eggs that are cream in color. Though this chicken why black egg rumors exist,  it is not responsible for any back eggs you may encounter in the market.

Don’t Get Fooled by Social Media

There is much information and “evidence” on social media about back eggs. Some people will even show your photographic evidence of these black eggs. Such eggs are not real. Just think of them like Easter eggs. They are eggs that were previously white but were colored to look black.

There is a lot of misinformation on social media, and with many video and image editing software available, it may look like the truth. Do not believe all you see. There are no such things as naturally occurring black eggs.

owakudani black chicken eggs

What Bird Lay Black Eggs?

So, are there any other birds that lay black eggs? The answer is no. There are no birds that lay black eggs. The closest thing to back eggs is dark-colored eggs lain by emus. These eggs have a rich green hue that people sometimes mistake. They are beautiful to look at, and they may look black in the shade. However, these eggs are not black and should not be mistaken for such.

The Cayuga duck is another species that is mistaken to lay black eggs. Though the ducks have a dark plumage close to black, their eggs tend to be a shade of gray mixed with some white. The eggs of these two birds may be mistaken for black, but they are not. They are simply dark-colored.

Owakudani’s Black Eggs

owakudani valley

I hope you have not lost all hope of ever seeing or eating black chicken eggs. There is a way to see, eat and enjoy “black” chicken eggs, and this is through sampling Owakudani’s Black Eggs. Though they are called black eggs, they are regular chicken eggs that look exactly like other eggs. They come in the usual shades of white. What gives them their name is how they are prepared.

Owakudani is a Tokyo, Japan, region built on an active volcano. The locals call it the valley of hell. It is around Mt. Fiji, and the mountain can be seen from this region, making it an excellent attraction to tourists and locals. In this region, there are many hiking trails, with one that specifically leads to the area where the black eggs are made.

At the end of this trail are natural springs that you can take a dip in and relax. It is this spring water that is used to prepare the black eggs. Regular chicken eggs are cooked in this soring water for sixty minutes. The temperature is maintained at 80 degrees Celsius.

boiled black chicken eggs

Once this is over, they are steamed in the same spring water for 15 minutes. This is done at 100 degrees Celsius. The steaming is done in steel baskets to give the eggs maximum exposure.

This spring water is known to contain iron and sulfur. When these two compounds interact with the heat and oxygen in the air, they coat the shell in a new combination that gives it a pitch-back color and a glossy finish. The eggs are a beauty to behold. If you believe in legends, consuming just one of these eggs should add seven years to your life.

If you have ever wondered whether black eggs feel or taste different. Or what nutritional content back eggs may contain, this is the closest you can get to eating black eggs. They are not naturally black. However, eating them offers a whole new experience you can enjoy with friends and family.

Besides the black eggs, the region has an excellent cool climate, welcoming hospitality, and other activities like hiking and camping. You can also buy some Owakudani’s Black Eggs souvenirs at the various shops in the area to take home with you. So drop by Japan and sample this exquisite delicacy. It is something that you can add to your bucket list and pursue.


This may look like an exciting topic with many articles, photos, and images to support the claims. Do not be deceived. There are no birds that lay back eggs. There are also no chickens that will lay eggs with black shells. Eggs from chickens are mainly white or brown.

Most of the other fancy colors that you see out there are eggs that got this color after they had been laid by chickens and other birds. Do not be fooled into buying a chicken breed, thinking it can lay a black egg. DO not also fall prey to black chicken eggs for one benefit or the other.

The only black chicken eggs are Owakudani’s Black Eggs, found in Japan. I hope this piece was informative and helped you gain some insight into the topic of black chicken eggs.

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