500+ Chicken Names for Hens and Roosters

So, you’ve decided to add a new feathered friend to your backyard flock. Congratulations! Now, it’s time to give your chicken a name that suits its unique personality. After all, your chicken will be a part of your family for years to come, and a good name can reflect its quirks and character.

Here are hundreds of names you can choose from categorized for gender and color:

Male Chicken Names

Male Chicken Names
Ace Apollo Arrow
Bandit Basil Benny
Blaze Blue Bolt
Boris Bruno Buddy
Buster Caesar Charlie
Chase Chester Chico
Chip Chuck Cluck
Clyde Coby Comet
Cooper Cosmo Cowboy
Dash Dexter Diesel
Duke Dusty Earl
Eddie Elvis Felix
Flash Frank Freddie
Gatsby George Gideon
Gizmo Goldie Goose
Gordo Gus Hank
Harley Harry Harvey
Hawk Hector Henry
Houdini Hunter Jack
Jackson Jake Jasper
Jax Jay Jet
Jojo Joker Junior
King Koda Koko
Leo Levi Lightning
Lincoln Link Louie
Lucky Luke Magnum
Maverick Max Merlin
Mickey Midnight Milo
Moose Mozart Napoleon
Nigel Noah Nugget
Oliver Ollie Oscar
Ozzy Pablo Paco
Parker Patch Pepe
Percy Pete Phoenix
Picasso Pirate Pluto
Prince Rascal Red
Reggie Rex Riley
Ringo River Rocky
Rolo Romeo Roscoe
Rowdy Rufus Rusty
Sam Sammy Scooter
Scout Sebastian Shadow
Simba Sinatra Smokey
Spike Spock Stanley
Stitch Sunny Tango
Tank Teddy Thor
Tiger Toby Tommy
Tony Tucker Turbo
Tyson Vader Valentino
Victor Vinny Walter
Whiskey Winston Woody
Yoda Zeus Ziggy

Female Chicken Names

Female Chicken Names
Abby Agnes Alice
Angel Annie April
Athena Aurora Autumn
Ava Babe Bailey
Bambi Beauty Bella
Belle Betsy Betty
Blossom Bluebell Bonnie
Buffy Buttercup Callie
Candy Cara Carmela
Caroline Casey Cassie
Charlotte Chelsea Cherry
Chickadee Chloe Cinnamon
Claire Clara Cleo
Coco Cookie Coral
Daisy Dakota Daphne
Darla Dawn Delilah
Dixie Dolly Dot
Dusty Ebony Edith
Effie Eleanor Elizabeth
Ella Ellie Ember
Emily Emma Esmerelda
Ethel Faith Fanny
Fern Fifi Fiona
Flora Florence Flower
Fran Freckles Gabby
Georgia Gertie Ginger
Giselle Gloria Goldie
Grace Greta Gypsy
Halle Hannah Harley
Harriet Hazel Heidi
Helga Hermione Holly
Hope Imogen Indigo
Iris Isabelle Ivy
Jackie Jade Jamie
Jane Jasmine Jenna
Jewel Jolene Josephine
Josie Joy Judy
Julia Juliet June
Juniper Kali Kiki
Lacey Lady Laila
Lana Lassie Laura
Layla Leah Lila
Lily Lizzie Lola
London Lottie Louise
Lucy Luna Lulu
Lydia Lyra Macy
Maddie Maggie Maisie
Marigold Marilyn Marley
Matilda Maxine Maya
Mimi Mira Miranda
Missy Misty Molly
Mona Monroe Morgan
Moxie Myrtle Nala
Nancy Naomi Natasha
Nellie Nessa Nikki
Nina Nola Nora
Olive Olivia Opal
Ophelia Paisley Pandora
Paris Patsy Pearl
Penelope Pepper Perla
Petunia Phoebe Piper
Poppy Precious Princess
Priscilla Pumpkin Queenie

Red Chicken Names

Red Chicken Names
Amber Apple Ariel
Auburn Autumn Blaze
Bordeaux Brick Burgundy
Candy Caramel Cardinal
Carmen Carmine Carnelian
Cerise Cherry Cinnamon
Clara Clay Clover
Copper Coral Crimson
Dahlia Dakota Ember
Flamingo Garnet Ginger
Glimmer Glow Goldie
Henna Hotshot Indian
Jasper Juneberry Ketchup
Ladybug Lava Lobster
Lucille Magenta Maroon
Marmalade Merlot Pepper
Phoenix Pinky Poppy
Radish Raspberry Red
Reddington Reddy Redmond
Redwood Rhubarb Rio
Robin Rose Ruby
Rust Rusty Saffron
Salmon Salsa Sangria
Scarlet Sienna Sunset
Tabasco Tango Tawny
Terracotta Tiger Titian
Tomato Topaz Torch
Tulip Vermilion Vino
Volcano Watermelon Wine
Yvonne Zinfandel

Brown Chicken Names

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
Acorn Amber Auburn
Autumn Bambi Barkley
Bear Biscuit Bourbon
Brownie Bruno Cacao
Caramel Cedar Chestnut
Choco Cinnamon Clove
Cocoa Coffee Copper
Cork Dakota Dijon
Dirt Espresso Fawn
Ginger Hazel Henna
Hershey Honey Java
Kahlua Latte Mahogany
Maple Mocha Nutmeg
Oak Pecan Penny
Porter Reese Rusty
Sable Saffron Sassafras
Sepia Sienna Spice
Taffy Tawny Teddy
Terra Timber Toffee
Truffle Tuscany Umber
Walnut Whiskey Woody

Black Chicken Names

White Chicken Names
Ace Ash Blackie
Blackjack Blake Bolt
Bombay Boots Bowie
Carbon Charcoal Cinder
Coal Coco Coffee
Cola Cosmos Crow
Cruz Darcy Dash
Domino Eclipse Ebony
Eclipse Ember Falcon
Figaro Flint Galaxy
Ghost Gigi Gloom
Graphite Guinness Gypsy
Hades Harley Hector
Hershey Hex Houdini
Hunter Indigo Inky
Iron Jaguar Jet
Jett Jinx Knight
Lava Leather Licorice
Lightning Limbo Loki
Magic Magnum Majestic
Maverick Midnight Mocha
Monster Moon Moose
Nero Night Ninja
Noir Obsidian Onyx
Oreo Orpheus Panther
Phantom Phoenix Pirate
Pluto Puma Racer
Raven Rebel Rocco
Rocky Sable Salem
Shadow Shady Slate
Smokey Sneaky Spark
Spooky Stormy Sylvester
Tar Tarzan Thunder
Tux Twilight Vader
Velvet Vesper Viking
Voodoo Zorro

White Chicken Names

White Chicken Names
Alaska Angel Angelica
Arctic Aspen Aurora
Bianca Blizzard Blossom
Blush Breeze Buffy
Casper Celeste Chardonnay
Cherry Chilly Cloud
Coconut Cotton Crystal
Daisy Dazzle Diamond
Dove Dream Duchess
Elsa Feather Fern
Frost Frosty Glimmer
Halo Ivory Jasmine
Lady Lily Luna
Magnolia Marshmallow Milky
Misty Moon Nieve
Nimbus Opal Pearl
Peppermint Phoenix Platinum
Polar Powder Pristine
Quartz Queen Rainbow
Romy Rose Sabrina
Sapphire Shimmer Silk
Silver Snow Snowball
Snowdrop Sparkle Spirit
Star Stella Sugar
Summer Sunny Swan
Talcum Tilly Vanilla
Vanna Venus Whisper
Winter Wonder Yeti
Yuki Zenith

Names for Small Chickens

Small Chicken Names
Bean Biscuit Bitsy
Bluebell Blueberry Bubbles
Button Calypso Chickadee
Chip Chirpy Cinnamon
Clover Cookie Cricket
Cupcake Dinky Doodle
Dot Dottie Elf
Flicker Fluffy Gidget
Gigi Glimmer Greta
Hopper Jellybean Jingle
Kiki Ladybug Lulu
Mimi Mini Minnie
Muffin Niblet Noodle
Nugget Olive Peanut
Pebbles Pepper Pickle
Pippin Pixie Puddles
Pumpkin Quail Queenie
Raisin Rascal Sassy
Scrappy Shorty Skippy
Smidge Snickers Sparky
Speckles Sprinkles Squirt
Star Stella Sunny
Taffy Tater Tilly
Tiny Tootsie Tweety
Wiggles Willow Winnie
Ziggy Zoom Zuzu

Names for Large Chickens

Large Chicken Names
Apollo Atlas Bear
Big Bertha Big Red Biggie
Blaze Brutus Buffy
Butch Captain Champ
Chief Clyde Colossus
Duke Everest Fergus
Goliath Hammer Hercules
Hulk Jumbo King
Kong Leo Lincoln
Magnus Maximus Mighty
Moose Odin Oz
Phoenix Rambo Raptor
Rhino Rocky Rollo
Samson Shamu Simba
Spike Tank Tanker
Thor Titan Trooper
Tundra Tyson Vader
Viking Whopper Winston
Wolf Yeti Zeus

How to Choose a Name for Your Pet Chicken?

Now, I will help you navigate the naming process, from choosing the perfect moniker to avoiding common pitfalls. So, grab a cup of coffee, settle into your favorite coop, and let’s get started!

Consider Your Chicken’s Appearance

One way to come up with a name is to take inspiration from your chicken’s physical attributes. Does your chicken have striking plumage or a distinctive comb? How about unique eyes or feathers? For example, a chicken with black and white feathers might be named “Oreo,” while a bird with a large, impressive comb might be called “King” or “Queen.”

Think About Your Chicken’s Personality

Another way to choose a name is to focus on your chicken’s personality. Is your bird sassy and bold or quiet and shy? Does it have a tendency to peck at your feet or follow you around like a puppy? A bold chicken might be named “Braveheart,” while a friendly bird might be called “Buddy.”

Look to Pop Culture

If you’re struggling to come up with a name, why not look to pop culture for inspiration? Movies, TV shows, and books can provide a wealth of ideas. You could name your chicken after a character from a favorite show or movie, such as “Hermione” from Harry Potter or “Gandalf” from The Lord of the Rings.

Get Creative with Wordplay

Playing with words is another way to come up with a name that’s unique and fun. Consider puns, alliteration, and rhyming to come up with something memorable. For example, a chicken with a red comb might be called “Rudy,” while a bird with a feisty personality might be named “Sassy.”

Avoid Common Pitfalls

While it’s tempting to name your chicken something silly or ironic, it’s important to consider the potential consequences. A name that’s too difficult to pronounce or spell might make it hard to communicate with others about your chicken. Additionally, a name that’s too similar to a common food item might be confusing or even off-putting.


In conclusion, naming your pet chicken can be a fun and creative process. By considering your chicken’s appearance, personality, and pop culture references, you can come up with a name that’s both memorable and fitting. Just remember to avoid common pitfalls and choose a name that’s easy to communicate to others. Happy naming, poultry parents!

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