Can Chickens Eat Cilantro? Fresh Flavors for Your Flock

Cilantro, also referred to as coriander, is an ancient spice and herb with countless health benefits. Cilantro is excellent for chickens because it has multiple crucial minerals and nutrients.

This herb isn’t only safe for chickens but is also healthy for domestic fowl. Chickens love consuming cilantro and always enjoy pecking this herb. Cilantro is thus a healthy treat for chooks.

Cilantro as Treat for Chickens

Providing occasional treats to your chooks can keep them healthy, active, and happy. Undoubtedly, you can provide countless types of treats to the flock. What matters is how healthy the treat you have in mind is for your chooks.

Some treats are more nutritious than others because they have a much higher nutritional profile. Cilantro, for instance, can make an exceptional nutrient-dense treat for your chooks.

Here is why chicken keepers should consider providing cilantro as a treat for their chickens.

Cilantro Packs Tons of Nutritional Benefits

A chicken treat is only ideal for chickens if it has significant nutritional benefits. Consequently, cilantro makes an excellent treat for chooks since it boasts many nutritional benefits. Fresh cilantro contains around 6% carbs and 3% protein.

Cilantro is also a great treat because it has significant levels of vitamins, including vitamins C, B2, and A. One-quarter cup of cilantro contains around 5% of recommended chickens’ daily vitamin A intake.

Sprinkling cilantro over chicken feed can help add vital nutrients to the feed, making it incredibly nutritious for your chooks.

Cilantro is Rich in Vitamins

Since cilantro is rich in essential vitamin A, providing the herb to your chickens can help improve their ocular health. The abundant vitamin C in this spice can help strengthen your birds’ immune system, while the vitamin K in cilantro can help strengthen chickens’ bones.

Furthermore, the herb is high in fiber, which is crucial for chickens’ diet. Loads of fiber in cilantro help enhance good digestion in chickens by promoting regular bowel movements.

Fiber also helps control your chickens’ cholesterol levels. Adding some cilantro to your flock’s diet can help remove harmful toxins from a chicken’s body. Studies further show that cilantro can help prevent food poisoning in chickens.

Unlike most chicken treats we provide to our birds to keep them happy, cilantro is free of saturated fat and excess calories, which helps your flock achieve a healthy weight.

Cilantro also scores well when it gets to trace minerals because the herb has virtually all the minerals your chickens deserve. For instance, a cup of this herb will give your chooks a tasty treat with loads of calcium, improving their egg production over time.

Cilantro can also be a fabulous treat for the chooks during hot months because it has plenty of potassium. This trace mineral helps poultry overcome the unpleasant effects of heat stress.

Powerful Antimicrobial Properties

Cilantro boasts potent antimicrobial properties, making the herb a wonderful treat for chickens. Chickens that consume this herb frequently are likely to overcome chronic diseases much easier than those that rarely consume cilantro.

The antimicrobial properties in cilantro can help chickens fight off infections like Escherichia coli and Salmonella.

Potent Anti-inflammatory Properties

Cilantro doubles up as a treat and a medicinal herb for chickens. It has potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. As an anti-inflammatory agent, cilantro has strong anti-inflammatory properties that help in disease prevention and control in poultry.

These properties can help lower the degree of damage that results from free radical cells. As an analgesic agent, cilantro can help increase chickens’ tolerance to painful conditions. The herb can also help reduce pain and inflammation in chickens.

Is Cilantro Good for Chickens?

A big yes. Cilantro is suitable for chickens. First, chickens love this herb because of its pleasant taste and smell. Secondly, the herb is good for chickens because it is entirely safe and doesn’t contain toxins.

Cilantro Green vs Seeds

Cilantro green refers to the leaves of the cilantro plant, while seeds refer to the seeds of this herb. Cilantro greens and seeds are good for chickens. However, cilantro greens are more flavorful than seeds. They are also more nutritious than seeds because they have many minerals, fiber, and nutrients than seeds.

Cilantro seeds also have a pleasant aroma that chickens find irresistible. They are more filling than seeds since chickens must consume plenty of cilantro seeds to fill their stomachs. However, chickens love cilantro seeds because they are easy to swallow and digest, particularly for chicks.

Tips for Feeding Cilantro to Chickens

You can prepare and provide cilantro to your chooks in many ways. For instance, you can gather cilantro from your yard if you have some and give the herbs to your flock by scattering them all over the coop.

However, this method of feeding cilantro works perfectly when your coop’s floor is spotless. Otherwise, you will introduce dirty food to your flock if you throw the herbs over a dirty floor.

You can also hang cilantro on the coop’s roof for your chickens to peck the herbs. The method helps your chickens to exercise as they jump up and down to peck the hanging herbs.

Hanging the herbs on the roof also ensures your chickens don’t fight each other over the herbs. You can cut cilantro into small pieces and mix the pieces with regular chicken feed if you want to provide the herb as a treat to your flock.

Growing Cilantro for Chickens

Growing cilantro for your birds can be a brilliant money-saving idea because you won’t have to keep purchasing this herb from the store. Here is how you can grow cilantro for your chickens.

  • Prepare a cilantro seed nursery somewhere on your lawn
  • Prepare a planting spot for the cilantro seedlings
  • Dig several holes in the planting spot and put some organic fertilizer in every hole
  • Plant cilantro seedlings on the holes
  • Keep watering the seedlings until they become fully-grown cilantro

Cilantro Alternatives for Chickens

Some of the finest alternatives of cilantro for chooks with a similar nutritional value to this herb include parsley, cumin, Thai basil, Mexican Oregano, and Caraway seeds.


Cilantro is a beautiful treat for chooks. This herb can have a substantial nutritional impact on your chickens’ diet. Thanks to its sweet aroma and pleasant taste, your chickens will fall in love with cilantro.

Cilantro can be particularly beneficial for your flock if you mix it with several nutritious food ingredients.

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