Can Chickens Eat Quinoa? Benefits & Risks

Chickens can eat quinoa since it is an excellent food choice for domestic birds, including chickens. Quinoa is nutritionally rich and suitable for chickens of all sizes and ages.

It is high in calcium, vitamins, proteins, and essential minerals. Furthermore, quinoa is among a handful of plant foods with a high amount of amino acids and fiber.

Benefits of Quinoa for Chickens

Quinoa is a nutritionally rich food source for chickens, and it can provide your birds with an array of health and nutritional benefits. Below are some benefits of quinoa for chickens.

– Quinoa Helps Improve Digestion

Quinoa is an abundant source of fiber. Chickens need fiber to keep their digestive system healthy. A chicken’s body doesn’t digest fiber quickly, and thus quinoa will help bulk your chickens’ stool.

As a result, food will move smoothly down your birds’ digestive tracts. Your chickens won’t experience digestive problems such as constipation and impacted crops if you provide them with quinoa.

– Quinoa Helps Prevent Cell Damage

Quinoa is also an abundant source of antioxidants, which are compounds that stop free radicals from ruining your chickens’ body cells.

Damaged cells can expose your birds to several diseases. Your chickens will be less likely to fall sick if you provide them with quinoa each day.

– Quinoa is Nutritionally-Dense

Quinoa is one of the most nutritious foods chicken keepers can provide to their chickens. One cup of quinoa contains a substantial amount of protein, magnesium, zinc, fiber, vitamin E, vitamin B6, and iron. Chickens require all these minerals and nutrients for growth.

Unfortunately, most chickens don’t get these vital minerals and nutrients from their daily feed. Therefore, providing your birds with quinoa is an effective way to give them what they aren’t getting from their daily diet.

– It is Easy to Incorporate Quinoa in Your Chickens’ Diet

This isn’t necessarily a health benefit of quinoa for chickens. However, it is pretty easy for chicken keepers to incorporate quinoa into their birds’ diet.

For instance, you can sprinkle quinoa over your chickens’ feed. Or, you can provide it to your chicken as a treat, especially when cooked since it tastes awesome.

– Quinoa is Suitable for Obese Chickens

Overweight chickens are at risk of dying due to excess body fat blocking their blood vessels. Obesity in chickens is common in indoor chickens that aren’t active and tend to overeat. Since quinoa is high in fiber, it can help obese chickens manage their eating habits.

An explanation for this observation is that quinoa has a filling effect due to protein and fiber. Furthermore, quinoa has a lower glycaemic index than most chicken feeds. Therefore, it releases energy slowly, preventing it from triggering cravings that make your obese chickens continue overeating.

Can Chickens Eat Uncooked Quinoa?

Yes, chickens can still eat uncooked quinoa. However, cooked quinoa is much better for chickens since it is tasty and easy on your birds’ digestive system. Cooking quinoa makes it soft and easy for chickens to digest, particularly baby chicks.

Can Chickens Eat Sprouted Quinoa?

Chickens can also eat sprouted quinoa since it is a healthy treat for these birds. Quinoa sprouts are also edible and overly good for chicks and adult chickens. These sprouts come with a wide array of amino acids, which is beneficial for chickens and other domestic poultry birds like ducks and guinea.

Quinoa sprouts also have loads of calcium, which is particularly useful for egg-laying hens. Sprouting quinoa is straightforward. Start with soaking some quinoa seeds for about eight hours in a container or a jar.

Drain the water from the jar and keep the seeds in a warm location. Keep draining and rinsing the seeds at least thrice a day. You will notice sprouts on the seeds after around three days.

Sprouting quinoa seeds is a worthwhile effort since you will end with healthier treats for your birds. Your chickens will gobble up the sprouts in a hurry.

How to Feed Quinoa to Chickens?

Quinoa is easy to feed to chickens or any other domestic birds. For instance, if you have a free-range flock, you can throw some quinoa into your backyard for your birds to scratch around for these grains.

Alternatively, you can add some quinoa to your chickens’ feed. Your chickens will feed on the grains as they eat the feed. Some chicken keepers opt to sprout quinoa to give their birds a nutritional punch. Therefore, you can consider sprouting quinoa for your birds, particularly if you have some chickens with a nutritional deficiency in your flock.

Can Baby Chicks Eat Quinoa?

Although quinoa is good for chickens, it might not be the best food for baby chicks, thanks to its tremendous nutritional value. Quinoa has plenty of fiber which takes time to break down. Baby chicks’ digestive system isn’t strong enough to digest the fiber in quinoa.

Therefore, wait for your baby chicks to be a couple of months old before introducing quinoa to your chicks. After a couple of months old, your chicks will be able to eat and digest the fiber in quinoa without challenges.

Can Chickens Only Eat Quinoa?

No, chickens can’t only eat quinoa. Being omnivorous creatures, chickens can eat a wide variety of foods. Although quinoa is one of the favorite grains for chickens, chickens can’t survive entirely on these grains.

They will still require a complete diet with vitamins, calcium, potassium, iron, and calories. Quinoa is, therefore, just a single food item you can provide to your birds. Kindly check this list of different foods you can feed your chickens besides quinoa.

  • Vegetables- All vegetables are healthy for chickens since they contain vitamins and other essential nutrients. Some of the chickens’ favorite vegetables include carrots, zucchini, and radishes.
  • Grains-Grains are an excellent source of energy and starch. They also give your chickens something they can scratch around. Some great grains for chickens include oats, barley, and wheat.
  • Fruits-Chickens are fruit lovers since fruits are sweet and nutritious. Some good fruits for chickens include mangoes, grapes, and pineapples.
  • Cooked foods-chicken can eat various cooked foods such as rice, pasta, and lentils.


Chickens will love eating quinoa since it tastes great, and it will also improve their overall health. Furthermore, it’s easy to introduce quinoa to your chickens, whether raw or cooked.

As nutritious as quinoa is for chickens, it can’t make the only food for chickens because these birds also require a variety of foods. Consider feeding quinoa to your birds alongside other healthy foods.

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