Does Tractor Supply Sell Ducks?

Yes, Tractor Supply sells ducks and other types of poultry. Tractor Supply Company is a perfect place to find the right kinds of birds. You are likely to get your ducklings, your duckling starter, and any poultry supplies in just one place. So, if you are a beginner, this is the right place to get started with your duck-keeping project.

With Tractor Supply Company, you don’t have to worry about dealing with the ever-tiring ordering process through email because everything has been simplified for you. Also, the young ducks you get from Tractor Supply are usually settled in, mature enough, eating and drinking.

For that reason, you won’t have to struggle with placing paper towels under your newly-acquired ducklings’ feeders or break your back while straining to do beak dipping needed by mail-order ducks.

What Duck Breeds does Tractor Supply Sell?

Apart from selling different breeds of chickens, Tractor Supply Company has a wide range of ducks to suit the needs of different duck keepers. Most of the ducks found in this place are excellent producers of eggs and meat. On average, one duck can lay between 200 and 300 white eggs in a year.

With that being said, the most common type of ducks to find at Tractor Supply is the Pekin Ducks. This duck breed is usually large, with white feathers and yellow feet. Pekin duck breed is an excellent dual-purpose breed, meaning that you can keep it for its meat and eggs. Most importantly, this breed of ducks grows faster, making them a popular choice of birds for the table.

For instance, you can butcher them when they are around seven or eight weeks old. Pekin ducks are a decent breed of layers with an annual production of up to 300 eggs. Unlike chickens, Pekin ducks are not yet known for going broody.

So, if you are planning to keep them for breeding purposes, make sure you invest in an efficient incubator or use a broody hen to help them hatch. Their ducklings are usually pale yellow in color with yellow feet.

Other popular duck breeds are Indian Runners, which have a variety of colors with an upright posture; Khaki Campbell ducklings have dark olive green-brown feathers with dark feet; Blue and Black Swedish are well-known for their dark backs and yellow color on the chest for ducklings while the adults have a white bib-like patch with a crested puff.

You can tell them apart by their small pouf of fluff around their heads.

How do Tractor Supply Company Ship Ducklings?

Even though you may easily grab one or two boxes of ducklings in any other poultry breeding store, it is also wise to order ducklings through Tractor Supply. One thing that makes Tractor Supply exceptional is the immediate availability of ducklings. This means you can be sure of placing your order and getting your ducklings at the right time.

Usually, the shipping schedule varies from one store to another, so you may have to call to place your order or visit the company to find out the exact day you can make your order. If you are searching for something extraordinary (especially when it comes to ducklings), then you will most likely have to look out for a stand-alone hatchery.

For that reason, the next thing that should be on your mind is how to ship these young ducks to your destination. Shipping little birds is relatively expensive, so the shipping costs might be higher. A few ducklings can be shipped together with other birds at any time of the year. But this depends largely on the anticipated shipping conditions.

The company may add extra bedding or a heat pack to keep the ducklings comfortable throughout the shipping duration. Since the shipping is usually done through the post office, it is advisable to contact your local post office early to inform them of your expected delivery of live ducklings.

What Age are Tractor Supply Ducklings?

Generally, all young birds are shipped when aged between one and three days. Mostly, ducklings are sent to their new keepers the same day they hatch. These young ducks are usually one to two days old upon arrival at their intended destination.

Keep in mind that ducks are social animals, so you should strive to order for more than one duckling. A solitary duckling will certainly feel isolated, lonely, and vulnerable. Two, three, or even more are better for the sake of the psychological health of your flock of birds.

When Can You Buy Ducklings from Tractor Supply?

The best time to order your ducklings from Tractor Supply is when you are fully prepared to handle these young birds. Often, the right time to bring these little ducks home is in the months of January and February.

Also, you can place your order in April or May, depending on your preference. Overall, you can acquire ducklings from Tractor Supply Company during the Chick Days.

The Chick Days are the ideal time for you to stock up on poultry equipment and tools before ordering your ducklings or other types of poultry.

Remember to quarantine your newly acquired duckling for a period of about 30 days (one month) away from the rest of your current flock. By so doing, you will be helping your entire flock stay healthy.

How Much Do Ducklings Cost at Tractor Supply?

The price of ducklings can vary from place to place and from one hatchery to another. However, you can locally find ducklings at a price range of $10 to $20 per piece. Some can go as high as $25, especially a pair of Rouens.

If you decide to purchase ducklings from Tractor Supply Company, you should expect to pay around$5 per piece. Most likely, you will have to buy a minimum of about three to six birds for you to enjoy that low price.

What is the Minimum Order at Tractor Supply?

The minimum order you can make at Tractor Supply is three ducklings. You can also order six or more birds depending on your needs and available space in your backyard. Ducks are usually social animals that live in flocks. So, it would be best if you considered buying two or more ducklings.

If you buy only one, you may be forced to spend some time with it, which is not possible, especially if you are a busy person. Otherwise, it is not a wise idea to buy just one duckling. At the same time, you should not buy just one female and one male duckling. This is to discourage some male ducks from over-mating with a single female companion.

How Long it Takes for Tractor Supply to Deliver Your Order?

Your order of ducklings from Tractor Supply may arrive depending on your location and the day you ordered. Some orders may take between five and ten days or five to seven days for continental US only.

Alternatively, your order may arrive on the 2nd business day or the next business day if you are within the continental US. The next-day delivery service is only applicable on business days. In this regard, if you place your order on Friday, you should expect it to be delivered on Monday. But Saturday delivery is available at an extra fee.

Make sure that your order is received before 2:00 pm Eastern Standard Time(EST) on Friday. Shipping is only done from Monday to Friday, although Saturday deliveries are possible. Orders placed after 2:00 pm EST might not be delivered until the following business day.

Those duckling orders placed during the weekends or holidays might be shipped the following business day. If you place an order on Friday to be delivered on the following day, it won’t be delivered until Monday or the next business day.

You are advised to allow for an additional one or two days to process your orders. The exact delivery rate is usually displayed on the last page just before the order confirmation. Delivery rates are charged depending on your delivery Zip Code and the weight of your package. Delivery delays should be expected during the holidays.

Payment Methods at Tractor Supply

Several payment options are available at Tractor Supply Company. Upon making your order, you can pay directly or through Apple Pay, bank account, credit card, or debit card. These payment methods have state-of-the-art security features, bill history, and real-time tracking.

Some payment options may be free with a linked bank account, while others may charge a small fee. Make sure to choose the payment method that suits your needs.


Tractor Supply Company assures you of getting all types of poultry, including ducks. There are several tubs all set up for different kinds of birds. Most tubs are filled with chicks, but one tub hosts healthy and good-looking ducklings to choose from.

At this spot, you can always be sure of picking the breed of ducks of your taste. The most common is the Pekin duck breed, which is large and farm-raised for its delicious meat and tasty eggs.

Unlike the chickens, duck selection at Tractor Supply is a little more random, meaning that you can pick more than one breed depending on your preference.

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