Golden Sex Link Chickens – Breed Profile & Facts

Gold Sex Link chickens are robust dual-purpose chickens with terrific egg-laying capabilities. These chickens also produce substantial amounts of meat than most crossbreed chicken breeds.

They are the perfect chickens for every backyard. Their sweet temperament and cold and heat resistance capabilities make them wonderful chickens to add to any chicken flock.

History of Golden Sex Link Chicken

Golden Sex Link chickens entered the poultry world in the 1950s. These chickens result from breeding the Rhode Island Whites and the Rhode Island Reds. Breeders have been using various chicken breeds for breeding Golden Sex Link chickens.

Some of the common species used for producing Golden Sex Link chickens include New Hampshire chickens, Rhode Island Red chickens, Cherry Eggers, and Rhode Island White chickens.

Breeding of Egg-producing Golden Sex Link chickens in the US started in the fall of the 18th century. Around 1935, chicken breeders began to breed Golden Sex Link chickens from New Hampshire and Rhode Island Red chickens.

Golden Sex Link Chicken Characteristics

Like other chicken breeds, Golden Sex Link chickens have unique characteristics that make them unique from other species. Golden Sex Link hens are white and reddish-brown, while roosters are white, although they have some sprinkling of bright reddish feathers. The legs of both hens and roosters from these hybrid chickens are yellow.

Unlike chicks from other chicken breeds, it is pretty easy to tell the sex of Golden Sex Link chicks. Male chicks are light yellow, while female chicks have a buff color and beautiful stripes across their feathers. Female chicks come in different shades ranging from yellow to red, while some female chicks can have yellow feathers with remarkable red splotches.

– Size & Weight

On average, Golden Sex Link hens weigh between 2 and 3 kg, while roosters weigh 3 to 3.35 kg. The size and weight of these chickens depend on the age and the strain of the Golden Sex Link chicken.

For instance, Hens lose substantial weight over time following prolonged laying. Golden Red Sex link chickens grow larger than Golden Black Sex Link chickens. Overly, Golden sex link roosters from different strains are larger than hens from various strains. Older Golden Sex Link chickens are bigger than their younger counterparts.

– Temperament

Golden Sex Link chickens have a nice temperament. These tiny chickens are also some of the most friendly crossbreed chickens on earth. Golden Sex Link chickens are some of the easiest chicken breeds to handle.

It isn’t unusual to find your Golden Sex Link chickens following you around the backyard. They won’t become nervous if you try to handle them, but they will be gentle throughout. Disturbances such as loud noises and movements don’t bother these chickens.

Thanks to their gentle, friendly, and docile nature, Golden Sex Link chickens are a nice choice of birds for backyard chicken keepers. In addition, these chickens are great for families with kids since they are excellent pets.

Most importantly, the friendly nature of Golden Sex Link chickens makes them great birds for people seeking to venture into poultry keeping. However, their pleasant temperament can make it impossible for these birds to coexist with other aggressive chicken breeds. Overly, Golden Sex Link chickens are peaceful chickens that don’t like fighting or pecking other breeds.

Larger and more aggressive chicken breeds usually bully Golden Sex Link chickens. Golden Sex Link chickens are pretty active birds with remarkably docile personalities. Since these birds aren’t known for aggression, unlike most domestic birds, they can thrive well in smaller flocks where they will get plenty of human interaction.

– Lifespan

Although Golden Sex Link chickens have a wonderful temperament, these chickens, however, have a short lifespan compared to various chicken breeds. These hybrid chickens live around four to five years on average.

A pet Golden Sex Link chicken can’t survive long even if you keep the chicken in a cage. Their short lifespan makes them excellent chickens for chicken keepers who want to keep chickens on their small farms.

While Golden Sex Link chickens are versatile and resilient, their huge combs are vulnerable to frostbite. Despite their short lifespan, these chicks are self-sufficient and low-maintenance since they are active foragers.

– Egg Production

Golden Sex Link chickens are exceptional layers. They lay 300 to 320 eggs each year on average. Golden Sex Link hens usually lay between five and six eggs weekly. Better still, these chickens start laying pretty early since hens start laying as early as four months.

Golden Sex Link hens continue laying eggs until they are about two years old. Some hens from this breed will continue laying beyond two years. After two years, however, egg production will decline significantly, although your hens will continue laying occasionally.

Despite their tiny stature, Golden Sex Link chickens lay large brown eggs. Some hens lay abnormally large eggs. Golden Sex Link hens aren’t broody like most hens from various chicken breeds when it comes to egg incubation. If you don’t keep roosters in your yard and still want many eggs, Golden Sex Link chickens are an ideal choice of chicken breed for you.

– Meat Production

Golden Sex Link chickens aren’t bred strictly for meat production. That notwithstanding, these chickens still make decent meat producers. The parent strain of most Golden Black Sex Link chickens and Golden Black Sex Link chickens are dual-purpose breeds.

Therefore, these birds can guarantee you a fair amount of quality chicken meat. Nonetheless, Golden Sex Link chickens aren’t the best option for those seeking meat-producing chicken breeds. If you are keen on getting meat-producing breeds, it is prudent to try other breeds such as Jersey Giants and Orpington chickens.

Golden Sex Link Chicken Care

Golden Sex Link chickens are some of the easiest chickens to maintain. After all, these chickens don’t have special maintenance requirements like most dual-purpose chicken breeds. However, proper care is paramount for this breed as it is for other breeds. Without taking proper care of your Golden Sex Link chickens, you can’t expect your birds to be excellent egg or meat producers.

– Feeding & Nutrition

What you feed your Golden Sex Link chickens can ruin or make their egg and meat producing capabilities. Ideally, this chicken breed requires feed that meets the vital nutritional requirements. The best feed for these chickens should have a formulation that will help maximize the egg-laying and growth potential of every Golden Sex Link chicken in your flock.

All Golden Sex Link chickens need to consume feed that contains protein, irrespective of whether the chickens are chicks, hens, or roosters. The amount of protein to give to your birds should vary depending on their age, sex, and size of the bird. For instance, Golden Sex Link hens require more protein to boost their egg-laying capabilities.

A protein deficiency can translate into poor egg production, and therefore it helps to ensure your hens consume a protein-rich diet. Since Golden Sex Link chickens are adept foragers, your hens will have plenty of bugs out there.

Bugs are an excellent source of natural protein for these birds. However, bugs alone will not prevent your chickens from having a protein deficiency since the protein in bugs isn’t adequate for your egg-laying Golden Sex Link hens.

Therefore, seek other protein-rich sources for your chickens. Alternative protein-rich sources for your hens include mealworms, sunflower seeds, fish meals, and cooked eggs.

Golden Sex Link baby chicks also require protein. Protein is crucial for your chicks’ growth. Baby chicks with a protein deficiency risk experiencing stunted growth. Protein helps baby chicks grow feathers quickly, enabling them to withstand cold, which kills dozens of Golden Sex Link baby chicks. Your baby chicks should eat a protein-rich chick feed with at least 20% protein concentration.

Although roosters don’t need as much protein as baby chicks and Golden Sex Link Hens, protein is still crucial for roosters. Remember, roosters are ideal for meat production, and hence they need to have large muscles to produce a substantial amount of meat. Protein will enable your Golden Sex Link roosters to grow muscle, specifically lean muscle.

Golden Sex Link chickens require vitamins like other chicken breeds. Some of the vitamins that are crucial for these chickens’ growth and health include vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B13, and vitamin C. Vitamin A, for instance, aids in growth and egg production, while vitamin D increases egg production and strengthens eggshells.

Vitamin B2 is especially great for Golden Sex Link baby chicks since it facilitates their growth. All Golden Sex Link chickens require vitamin K irrespective of their age, size, and sex since this vitamin is crucial for muscle health and healthy blood.

Calcium is an essential mineral that shouldn’t lack in your Golden Sex Link chickens’ diet. This mineral is vital for the productivity and health of your flock. Golden Sex Link chickens need calcium to make strong eggshells. Overall, all chickens from this breed need calcium to enhance their circulatory system.

While feeding your Golden Sex Link chickens, ensure the chickens get enough food and feed the birds the proper number of times daily. Replace the water frequently since chickens, including Golden Sex Link chickens, are fond of messing up their water. Get some water containers that are easy to refill and clean.

– Housing

Thinking of where and how to house your birds is crucial when it comes to keeping Golden Sex Link chickens. Golden Sex Link chickens are natural foragers, and they require a huge grassy area whereby they can forage for bugs and plant material. These chickens also need a structure where they can roost at night, lay eggs and get protection from potential predators.

Depending on the kind of predators present in your area, you can completely seal the backyard or seal specific coop areas. Your chickens need enough nest boxes since they will be laying a lot. Consider having one nest box for each three Golden Sex link hens in your flock.

Nest boxes will make the tedious work of collecting eggs easier. Furthermore, nest boxes will keep your chicken eggs clean, provided you keep the nest boxes thoroughly clean throughout.

Although Golden Sex Link chickens spend most of their time outdoors, they will need shelter from the cold in winter. Ensure their cage has enough heat lamps to heat the coop during the crazy cold winter months.

These chickens also need bedding to feel comfortable while staying in the coop. Spray the bedding with pesticides to deter mites from infecting your chickens. Or, you can change the bedding once it wears up following constant scratching by your Golden Sex chickens.

– Health Problems

Golden Sex Link chickens are awesome birds, but they also experience their fair share of health problems like other poultry birds. For instance, these birds are susceptible to bacterial diseases such as colibacillosis, which makes your chicken experience difficulties breathing, diarrhea, and ruffled feathers. Acute colibacillosis can lead to the untimely death of your Golden Sex Link chickens.

Golden Sex Link chickens are perhaps the biggest casualty of Fowl Cholera. Baby chicks from this chicken breed are the most vulnerable to this chicken disease. Symptoms of Fowl Cholera include loss of appetite, lameness, and rapid weight loss.

Apart from disease, the other health concern with keeping Golden Sex Link chickens is the parasites. These chickens are susceptible to both external and internal worms. Internal worms such as pinworms can destroy the gut of your chickens, exposing them to the risk of dying.

External parasites such as mites and lice can also infect your birds with life-threatening diseases. Fumigate your backyard thoroughly if you detect the presence of external parasites. Also, deworm your chickens monthly to rid them of internal parasites.

Can Golden Sex Link Chickens Fly?

Golden Sex Link chickens aren’t the flightiest chicken breeds. However, these birds occasionally take flight, although they don’t fly too much.

How Much do Golden Sex Link Chickens Cost?

Golden sex link chickens aren’t expensive since they are tiny though prolific layers and decent meat producers. These chickens can cost between $3 and $15. Hens are somewhat expensive since they can cost anything between $ 10 and 15 dollars. Roosters cost around $5 to $10, while baby chicks cost between $3 and $5.

Are Golden Sex Link Chickens Loud?

Yes, Golden Sex Link chickens are extremely loud. Hens tend to squawk a lot, especially after laying.


Golden Sex Link chickens can be a worthwhile addition to any flock. These birds are peaceful, gentle, and friendly. Above all, Golden Sex Link chickens have few maintenance requirements. Moreover, these chickens are awesome layers and decent meat producers, making them great dual-purpose birds to keep.

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