How Fast Can a Chicken Run?

Chickens are fast runners compared to most creatures, including humans. On average, these birds can run up to 9 mph. Free-range chickens are particularly fast. These chickens can have a speed of up to 15 miles per hour. Some free-range chickens can also run more than 15 mph per hour.

Chickens tend to run much faster while running away from predators and intruders. These birds can run up to 20 mph while escaping from danger.

For How Long Can Chickens Run?

Chickens can run much faster than most creatures. On average, these birds can run for at least two hours without stopping. The duration that chickens can run can increase when they are fleeing from danger.

Nonetheless, chickens succumb to exhaustion after running for more than two hours. They can’t manage to run for long like other creatures. Therefore, chickens can run for long even when they are under threat.

How Fast Can Chicks Run?

Chicks cannot run fast like adult chickens. Their legs don’t have enough power to enable them to run fast. Chicks can run between one and five mph on average. Nevertheless, older chicks can maintain a speed of close to ten mph, especially if they are running away from danger.

Newly hatched chicks can’t run since their bodies are too weak to maintain a high running speed. Such chicks easily suffer from exhaustion whenever they attempt to run.

Furthermore, their respiratory systems aren’t strong like those of adult chickens, meaning they can’t hold enough oxygen in their rungs to enable them to run for long.  In general, chicks can’t run faster than the average man.

How Fast Are Roosters?

Roosters run much faster than hens since they are more agile. Roosters also have strong leg muscles that enable them to run faster than hens and chicks. On average, roosters can run up to 15 mph. Older and overweight roosters are nonetheless slower than younger roosters.

Their weight hinders them from running at a top speed. Furthermore, such roosters can’t manage to run for long since their weight affects their running speed.

Some younger and more energetic roosters can be pretty speedy. Most younger roosters can run for up to 20 mph. The speeds can even be higher if the roosters are running away from danger and other bullying roosters in a flock.

The agility in such roosters enables them to maintain a top speed while running from potential threats. Like with other chickens, though, younger roosters can’t run for long.

How Fast Can Bantam Chickens Run?

Bantam chickens are some of the most miniature chicken breeds in the world. Bantam chickens have shorter legs compared to other chicken species. However, these chickens can run at a top speed, unlike other chickens, despite their size. On average, Bantam chickens can run for up to 20 mph, much faster than the average chicken can run.

Some Bantam chickens can even run much faster than dogs. Younger Bantam roosters can run incredibly fast and for up to 4 hours. Nonetheless, Bantam hens and chicks can’t maintain a high running speed since they don’t have the agility to enable them to run fast. Moreover, unlike most chickens, their legs aren’t strong enough to help them maintain a high running speed.

Why do Chickens Run Away?

Chickens running away is pretty normal behavior. Chickens run away for different reasons. It helps to understand why your chickens are running away. Check these reasons why some of the chickens in your flock could be running away.

– Escaping from danger

The leading reason for chickens running away is to evade threats. Chickens are naturally timid, and they avoid dangers by all means. Predators such as dogs, cats, hawks, and snakes can prompt your chickens to run away as they seek safety from such predators.

Chickens will run at a top speed if they encounter any threat on their way. Some chickens can also run away from other bullying chickens whenever they have a chance to escape from such chickens.

– A taste of freedom

Captive chickens tend to run away if they get a chance to get out of their coops. The excitement that comes with being free can make chickens run away from your compound. Free-range chickens also run away if they feel inclined to run around, mainly if they are foraging in an open area.

– Chickens can run away from intruders

Chickens will run away when they notice the presence of a stranger in their presence. Strangers are potential threats to chickens, and they won’t hesitate to escape from such strangers. Your chickens can run from strangers who show signs of aggression towards them

They can run far away to avoid such strangers since they don’t feel comfortable being around intruders. Furthermore, your chickens can run away from you if you exhibit any aggressive behavior towards your bird. Nonetheless, it is unlikely for your chickens to run away from you since they are familiar to you.

– Chickens run away to explore their new environment

Most chickens run away in an attempt to explore their new environment. Their nervousness prompts them to run around as they explore their new territory. Nevertheless, chickens won’t run very far away from their new habitat since they are still unfamiliar with their new environment.

Can Chickens Run Faster Than Humans?

Yes, chickens can run much faster than humans. Overweight chickens can’t, however, run faster than the average human being due to their weight. However, chickens can’t also run for a long distance like human beings and other creatures.

They are more prone to exhaustion, unlike us humans. Even young athletes can run faster than chickens. These birds have the agility that enables them to run faster than the average human being.


Chickens are fast runners. These birds can run at a top speed that exceeds the running speed of the average athlete. Your responsibility as a chicken owner is to understand why your chickens are running away. If your chickens are running away from danger, for instance, keep them safe from predators that pose a threat to their lives.

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