Are Quails Noisy? How Loud Are They?

 Quails aren’t particularly loud birds, but they’re somewhat noisy. Neither are quails entirely silent. Quails make noise for many reasons. For example, your quails will make noise when communicating, producing various chirping sounds to communicate different messages.

They will also make noise when they are hungry or when they feel uncomfortable. Male quails are usually noisy during the mating season.

Do Quails Make Noise?

Yes, quails make noise, although they aren’t as loud as other birds like ducks and chickens. Quails make noise for various reasons. For example, mother quails make noise when calling out to their quail chicks.

Male quails also make loud noises during the mating seasons to attract females. Fear of predators makes quails noisy. Moreover, quails make noise to express emotions such as joy and anger.

How Loud are Quails?

Quails aren’t particularly loud, although these tiny birds make noises that can bother you and your neighbors at night. Male quails tend to be louder than females, especially during courtship.

Since quails are small bird species, they can’t make loud noises like chickens and ducks. Quails can be particularly loud at night when they detect potential threats or anything suspicious.

Do Male Quails Crow?

Male quails rarely crow, unlike cockerels. However, males sometimes crow, especially if you separate them from females. Their crowing isn’t as loud and distinct as that of roosters. Males crow more frequently during the mating season. They produce shrill, loud sounds to attract females. Male quails also crow to establish dominance and warn off rival male quails.

Why do Quails Make Noise At Night?

Quails are usually quiet during the daytime. These birds are, however, noisy at night. There are several reasons why quails make noise during nighttime. Here are a few reasons why quails are noisy at night.

– Discomfort

Nighttime can be pretty uncomfortable for quails. These tiny birds are usually noisy at night during the winter because of the discomfort that comes with extreme cold. Therefore, quails experience discomfort at night when trying to keep warm at night. Quails also become uneasy at night because of the darkness, prompting them to make noise.

– Mating Season

Quails usually mate at night. That’s why males make noise at night to attract females. Males will make noise repeatedly at night to call out females. Quails are usually noisy at night during the mating seasons, which occur in the warmer months.

However, males will remain silent at night at the end of the mating season because they no longer need to call out to females.

– Predator Threats

Quails are quite sensitive at night because they are at risk of predation. These birds have a keen sense of danger. They can sense the presence of an intruder or a predator from far. The presence of predators and intruders can prompt the birds to make noise and seek their owners’ help.

– Communicating

Quails are active tiny birds that communicate with each other even at night. These birds will therefore make noise at night while communicating with each other. Mothers will make loud noises when communicating with their quail chicks.

Males also make noise at night when communicating with flock members, especially when they want to alert the members of an impending threat.

– Stress

Quails get easily stressed like chickens. The environment you raise your quails in can stress the birds, prompting them to make noise at night. For instance, congestion in the cage can stress out your quails, making them noisy as they scramble for space to roost at night.

Bullying, usually instigated by older quails, can stress out the junior flock members, who in return will make loud noises in a desperate attempt to avoid bullying more senior members. The other stressing factor that makes quail noisy is hunger. Your quails will be noisy when food is insufficient.

How to Make Quails Quieter?

While quails aren’t necessarily the quietest birds, they can make pretty of noise that will disturb you and your neighbors, particularly at night. The noise can be particularly disturbing for quail raisers in urban areas, where people must keep noise levels at a minimum. Fortunately, you can make your quails quieter, although you can’t make them completely silent.

– Keep The Males and Females Together

Isolating the males from females can make the males noisy at night as they try to attract females during the mating season. It would be wise to keep the males and females together during the mating season so that the males won’t have to be noisy as they strive to attract the females.

– Keep Your Quails Comfortable

Your quails will be loudest when they feel uncomfortable. Keeping your quails warm at night will make the birds feel comfortable and more likely to remain quieter throughout the night.

You can have some heating lamps in the cage if you suspect your quails are making noise at night due to discomfort from the cold. Heat lamps of approximately 250 watts will help keep your birds warm and comfortable at night.

– Reduce Stress

Stress will ultimately make your quails noisy at night. You can keep your quails quieter at night by eliminating the stressful conditions that could be making your birds loud. For instance, you can provide the quails with sufficient food and water to ensure they don’t make noise due to hunger.

Furthermore, ensure your quails have enough living space to ensure they don’t make loud noises, especially at night, due to overcrowding.

– Protect Your Quails From Predators

Quails won’t remain silent if they’re in danger of predators. These birds are quite nervous and won’t hesitate to make noise if they detect predators around. The best quail keepers can do is protect their birds from predators, ultimately making them quieter.

A dog can also deter predators from threatening your quails, giving the birds a sense of peace and keeping them quieter.


Quails are awesome birds that make fantastic birds to raise. These birds are somewhat noisy, though not loud. They are also pretty peaceful and easy to raise because they don’t have many maintenance requirements. Quails are also easy to tame, and you can easily train your birds to remain silent if you follow the right steps.

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