Why do Chickens Lay Green Eggs?

Some chicken breeds lay green eggs like they are some chickens that lay white, blue, or brown eggs. Chickens that lay green eggs are a result of crossbreeding chickens that lay blue eggs with chicken that lay eggs with brown eggshells.

What Type of Chickens Lay Green Eggs?

Not many chicken breeds lay green eggs. However, a couple of breeds are known for laying green eggs. For instance, Olive Eggers lay eggs with green shades. These chickens are a crossbreed of Maran with Ameraucana chickens.

They are known for laying olive green eggs. Favacauna is a new chicken breed that lays pale sage green eggs. Isbar is a relatively new chicken breed known for laying mint green eggs.

What Causes Chickens to Lay Green Eggs?

Chickens that lay green eggs are usually a result of crossbreeding genes from chickens that produce eggs with blue eggshells, with the genes from chickens that lay eggs with brown eggshells. Green eggs have a green color on the outside. However, these eggs aren’t green on the inside.

Are Green Chicken Eggs Safe to Eat?

Yes, green eggs are safe for human consumption. They are also good like ordinary chicken eggs in terms of health, edibility, and nutrition. The colorful green eggs from backyard chickens are exceptionally nutritious since backyard chickens get plenty of nutrition while foraging outside.

Besides being nutritious, green eggs from backyard hens taste much better than white or brown eggs. Furthermore, green eggs are safer than average eggs since they have low cholesterol levels. An increase in cholesterol level increases your risk of heart disease.

Therefore, green eggs are suitable for persons with high cholesterol levels. Overall, it is difficult to beat green eggs when it comes to nutrition, making these eggs a nutritious treat. Below are some of the nutrients and minerals in green eggs.

  • Protein – The high amount of protein in green eggs makes these eggs satisfying protein sources. The protein in these eggs is vital for repairing and building muscles. Your body also requires protein to produce antibodies, enzymes, and hormones. The protein in the green eggs is easy for the body to digest and absorb.
  • Folate is an essential mineral in most animal products, including chicken eggs. Green eggs have a high concentration of folate, which helps the body produce and maintain cells. Furthermore, the folate in green eggs is beneficial for anemic persons since it combats the effects of anemia.
  • Vitamin B12- Green eggs boast plenty of vitamin B12, an essential mineral for keeping the body’s blood cells and nerves healthy.
  • Vitamin E- Green eggs are a rich source of vitamin E, a crucial mineral vital for preventing diseases and maintaining good health.
  • Iron– The high concentration of iron in green eggs enables the body to carry oxygen to all body cells and further combat the risk of anemia.
  • Vitamin A– Green eggs have loads of vitamin A, which helps maintain healthy eye tissue and skin. Vitamin A also helps enhance night vision.
  • Vitamin D– Green eggs contain more vitamin D than most eggs from various bird species. Vitamin D is beneficial for strengthening bones and teeth. This vitamin can also protect your body against auto-immune diseases and certain types of cancer.
  • Choline-Green eggs are excellent sources of choline, an essential mineral that enhances brain function and development.
  • Selenium-The selenium traces in green eggs work alongside vitamin E as antioxidants to stop the breaking down of body tissues.
  • Lutein and Zeaxanthin– These two essential minerals are abundant in green eggs. They are crucial for maintaining good vision and reducing the risk of developing age-related ailments, such as muscular degeneration and cataracts.

Where Can You Buy Green Chicken Eggs?

Green eggs are safe, healthy, and nutritious. If you would like to try these colored eggs, you could be wondering where you can purchase these eggs.

There are countless places to buy green eggs and enjoy the nutritional and health benefits of consuming green eggs. Below are some excellent places to purchase green eggs.

  • Farmer’s markets– countless farmer’s markets sell different types of colored and non-colored chicken eggs. You can buy green eggs from farmer’s markets that sell pasture-raised hens. The advantage of purchasing green eggs from farm markets other than other places is that most farm markets sell organic green eggs, devoid of any chemicals that could expose you to long-term health problems.
  • Online– With so many retail websites online selling different types of chicken eggs, the odds of getting green eggs online are high. Furthermore, these websites sell green eggs of different sizes and color shades, such as mint green or olive green. Most importantly, purchasing green eggs online is quite convenient since you can order your green eggs without leaving the confines of your home.
  • Poultry farmers-although few in numbers, there are chicken farmers that raise chickens that lay colored eggs, including breeds that lay green eggs. You can get your green eggs from such farmers, although you will have to do some research to figure out the farmers selling green eggs in your area.
  • Stores– many stores sell different varieties of chicken eggs, including green eggs. You can get green eggs from such stores, although most stores sell green eggs from exotic chicken breeds.
  • Overseas– you can purchase green eggs overseas, especially if you intend to buy green eggs in bulks for sale. The benefit of importing eggs is that green eggs from some overseas destinations are relatively cheaper than locally produced green eggs. However, if you can factor in the shipping costs, purchasing green eggs overseas can be costly.

Can One Chicken Lay Different Colored Eggs?

It is pretty possible for a single chicken to lay eggs with multiple color shades. Your chicken, for instance, can lay eggs with faint speckles one day and lay eggs with bright speckles the next day.

However, one chicken can’t lay different types of colored eggs. Egg color entirely depends on the chicken breed.


Chickens that lay green eggs are a crossbreed of blue egg-laying chickens with brown-egg-laying chickens. Green eggs are tremendously rich in nutrients, and they are also entirely safe for human consumption. You can either raise green-egg-laying chickens or purchase green eggs if you would like to try these eggs.

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